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Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)


Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is one of the most powerful tools to support decision-making processes used in sustainable production. It fosters sustainability by providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to assess environmental, economic or social impacts of a product or process throughout its entire life cycle. Learn about the most problematic parts and phases of a product’s life cycle and identify and assess future improvements. Evaluate whether the solution found for a new product (design) or production process is better or worse for the environment than those currently available. Conduct an LCA to meet the need for decisions that consider environmental aspects in your product development process. Find opportunities for reducing costs and mitigate future business risks.

Ecochain for Sustainability Departments

Assess materials, products and components

Evaluate the environmental impact of materials like metals, various plastics, minerals, chemicals and electronic components. Via different environmental databases, access comprehensive data on the footprint associated with each material, including extraction, processing, transportation, and disposal options. Compare the impact results and identify potential new materials with lower footprints, higher recyclability or reduced toxicity.

Optimize production processes

Your production process can only be improved by constantly comparing where you are with where you were. With Ecochain’s LCA software you can assess the environmental impact of your manufacturing processes. See if the tweaks that you make to the production process and specific steps will eventually lead to more sustainable production or not.

Implement ecodesign

Embrace ecodesign in your product development process to foster sustainability. Ecodesign is an iterative process to evaluate the environmental impact of design choices upfront, which is supported by performing LCAs. By creating scenarios of your product design, you can validate your assumptions easily. Change and replace materials or components and assess the impact results instantly. Find out how using recycled content or renewable energy lowers the impact of your product.

Our solutions to improve sustainability

Sustainable design

How ZeroPackaging reduced their footprint by 48%:

  • Enabling sustainable decision-making in the design phase
  • Providing customers transparency on the footprint of their packaging
  • Designing for a future with zero impact

Ecochain Mobius

With an intuitive and easy-to-use solution to create LCAs, Zeropackaging used Ecochain Mobius to integrate Ecodesign impact measurements into their design process which enabled them to test their assumptions iteratively, while comparing designs with one another.

More about Ecochain Mobius
Skullcandy_headphones image

How Skullcandy identified their impact hotspots:

  • Created cradle-to-gate LCAs for 3 main product groups
  • Revealed the environmental hotspots of their headphones and earbuds
  • Implemented ecodesign into their product development process

By using Ecochain Mobius, Skullcandy gained insights into the impact hotspots in their headphones and earbuds. In a short time, Skullcandy learned where most of their product’s impact stems from. Learning to focus their product development efforts where it really made a significant difference and Ecochain Mobius enabled them to do that with the product LCAs.

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What our customers are saying

Iris van Wanrooij Emma Safety Shoes
“Customers increasingly ask for different sustainability criteria. With Ecochain’s LCA software Mobius we now have extensive footprint reports for our shoe models, clearly outlining the impact from the production to the end of life phase.” — Iris van Wanrooij, Program Manager CSR at EMMA SAfety Footwear Read more
Wim de Jager COO Skullcandy
“The health of the planet is important to our employees and consumers. Ecochain Mobius has allowed us to measure our products' impact and identify its sources so that we can start implement change. Soon, we will use Ecochain Mobius in our production decision-making processes.” — Wim de Jager, COO at Skullcandy Read more
Thomas Beekhuis Secrid
“Thanks to Ecochain Helix we generated insight into our impact on the world around us. The best part? It also showed us which main materials and processes we should focus our sustainability efforts - in our mission to reduce that impact.” — Thomas Beekhuis, Sustainable innovation specialist at Secrid Read more
Matt Breuer
“Ecochain Helix has allowed us to print footprint decisions to the earliest stage of our planning process, allowing us to proactively plan more sustainable product lines vs. forcing us to react months after a review.” — Matt Breuer, CMO at Buffy Read more

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