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Mobius onboarding training
For new users to LCA software

Helix onboarding training

For users new to using Helix and interested in doing bulk environmental footprint calculations from cradle-to-gate themselves, this is the recommended training to follow. In 3 (online) courses of 1.5-2 hours, you will learn to work in the Helix tool on a basic level:

  • Account & user setup
  • Understand how Helix works for cradle-to-gate footprint calculations (adding products, production amounts and composition, allocate usages and emissions, adding references, adding transportation, interpreting results and making scenario’s)
  • Understand basic LCA components and how to navigate in Helix

The following deliverables will be covered in the Helix Onboarding Training (HOT):

  • Three training sessions of 1.5/2 hours with homework assignments, to be completed in 3-6 weeks
  • Evaluation after the training + 4 hours support questions in between trainings

The following conditions apply to the training:

  • Maximum of two participants per training*
    *it is possible to have training with more than two participants.

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