These are the stories of sustainable frontrunners, companies that strive to make an impact, but also prioritize measuring their environmental impact. Listen to these inspiring stories and more.

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Ever wondered... What happens to these millions of Christmas trees - after Christmas? What's the impact this has on our environment? Should we put up a fake Christmas tree instead?
Real vs. Fake Christmas Tree: Which is More Sustainable?
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How MUD Jeans uses environmental data to back up their sustainability claims.
Sustainability tips from the world’s first circular denim brand: MUD Jeans.
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Energy Crisis: How to lower your company’s energy bill & environmental impact
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Life Cycle Assessment guide. How to improve your products sustainably using LCA.
What on Earth is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)?
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Which data do you need in an LCA?
The two types of data in LCA – A Short Introduction.
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Navigating the world of sustainability claims has become hard work. When can you claim what and how do we know when claims are legitimate? Our consensus: It comes down to transparency. Companies must show their sustainability data, detail their methods of measuring AND talk about their failures. In this podcast with O My Bag we speak on exactly this topic.
What sustainability claims can you make as a company? – Talking Transparency in Fashion.
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