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Ecochain Mobius

Get insights of your product footprint

Ecochain Mobius reduces the complexity of product footprinting. Built on the proven Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, Mobius empowers business users to take ownership of their product impact.

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Sustainability is becoming a business imperative, and companies need to start owning their climate journey. Ecochain Mobius empowers business users to do that by minimizing the need for expensive, complex solutions, and consultants.


Claiming sustainability is no longer enough; you need to substantiate it. Ecochain Mobius ensures transparency by letting you measure and share your product footprint results with stakeholders in a fraction of the time. As calculations are based on life cycle assessment methodology, they can be included in various reports (EPD, LCA, and PCF) and used to support green claims.


Don’t let perfect get in the way of progress. Ecochain Mobius lets you iterate by comparing product designs, giving you an agile way to continually improve your environmental footprint. You may start with one/few impact categories like carbon, but as your climate journey continues so will the need to do more.

What Ecochain Mobius delivers

impact modeling

Impact hotspot analysis

Alternative scenario analysis

Side-by-side product comparison

Visual & shareable results

Unlimited expert support

Product tour - Discover how Ecochain Mobius works in 5 steps

Filled workspace home

1. Set up your workspace


Modeling a product

2. Model your product and its impact


Product footprint

3. Measure your impact hotspots


Product comparison

4. Compare better alternatives


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5. Share your results


Apparel and Textile

See what a completed product footprint of a raincoat looks like.


Construction Materials

See what a completed product footprint of a brick palette looks like.



See what a completed product footprint of a street light looks like.


Food and Beverage

See what a completed product footprint of a chocolate bar looks like.



See what a completed product footprint of an aluminum can looks like.


See what our customers say

Brad Vanstone
“Until you put numbers behind your decisions, everything's an assumption, and it's difficult to say you are creating impact until you have numbers. ” — Brad Vanstone, CEO at Willicroft Read more
Wim de Jager COO Skullcandy
“The health of the planet is important to our employees and consumers. Ecochain Mobius has allowed us to measure our products' impact and identify its sources so that we can start implement change. Soon, we will use Ecochain Mobius in our production decision-making processes.” — Wim de Jager, COO at Skullcandy Read more
Thomas van Hemert - Zeropackaging
“The main functionalities of Mobius combined with how easily the tool can be tailored for packaging, makes working with Mobius delight. With Mobius we are able to incorporate Ecodesign to our product development and business processes. ” — Thomas van Hemert, Designer at ZeroPackaging Read more
Wanda Gordts
“We needed a user-friendly platform to calculate the impact of our products. In addition to access to an extensive database, we also receive personalized advice from environmental specialists. Mobius is exactly what we need to be able to continue learning about sustainability.” — Wanda Gordts, Head of Marketing & Product Development at Vadigran Read more
Iris van Wanrooij Emma Safety Shoes
“Customers increasingly ask for different sustainability criteria. With Ecochain’s LCA software Mobius we now have extensive footprint reports for our shoe models, clearly outlining the impact from the production to the end of life phase.” — Iris van Wanrooij, Program Manager CSR at EMMA SAfety Footwear Read more

Simple, straightforward pricing

Ecochain Mobius has flexible pricing options to suit your needs.

Yearly payment (save 24%)

Monthly payment

Professional 340/per month For individual professionals looking to calculate their product footprint.
  • Maximum of 1 user

  • Maximum of 100 objects

  • Maximum of 3 workspaces

  • Use of Ecoinvent included

  • Unlimited Talk to an Expert calls

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Enterprise Custom For larger companies that need a tailored solution to calculate their product footprint.
  • 5 users or more
  • Unlimited objects
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Use of Ecoinvent included
  • Unlimited Talk to an Expert calls
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s included in the Mobius 14-day free trial?

    The free trial allows you to find out how Mobius works. Scenarios can be built, impact datasets can be found in the LCI databases (e.g. Ecoinvent 3.8), questions can be asked to experts, and you can learn how to model and adjust a full life cycle for you product. The trials functions as a free training to learn more about LCA and environmental impact measurements. Start creating LCAs in an easy way.

    The features are the same as for the paid Mobius version(s). The only difference is the #datasets you can take from our impact (LCI) database Ecoinvent. This holds a maximum of 25 datasets in the free trial.

  • What kind of support can I get during the trial?

    Each trial includes 2×30 minute calls with one of our experts. Additionally, we have recorded several tutorial videos that give our users more information about how the tool works- and what exactly you can do with it. You can find them in our Help Center.

  • Does Ecochain provide any LCI databases within the Mobius free trial?

    The free trial, Professional, Business, and Enterprise subscription plans of Ecochain Mobius come with the LCI database Ecoinvent (versions: 3.5, 3.6, and 3.8). The Dutch NMD Bepalingsmethode is also included. The Ecochain Mobius free trial has a limit of 25 Ecoinvent datasets that can be used during the trial.

  • How can Mobius be purchased after the free trial?

    Both monthly and yearly subscriptions can be purchased via credit card or SEPA Direct Debit.

    This can be done online in Mobius or by contacting mobius@ecochain.com

    Yearly subscriptions can also be paid via bank transfer by contacting mobius@ecochain.com

  • What kind of questions can be answered with Mobius?
    • What happens if the design uses less material? (Scenario-based Analysis)
    • Is material ‘A’ superior to material ‘B’ from an environmental life cycle perspective?
    • Are recycled materials more environmentally friendly in this application? (Comparative Analysis)
    • Does this design maximize transport efficiency? (Cube Utilization)
    • How do varying recycle rates affect end-of-life impact? (Custom Recycling Analysis)
    • What are the biggest sources of impact, and what are the alternatives? (Environmental Hot-Spot Analysis)
    • How does this package design stack up in terms of carbon footprint, water footprint, or nitrogen footprint?
    • Will a redesign be better than the original from an environmental perspective?
  • What can you do with Mobius?
    • Identify stages or materials where additional impact can be reduced.
    • Create innovative products based on sustainable designs
    • Reduce time and energy spent on the life cycle and sustainable design research
    • Identify the environmental impact of your product early in the design process allowing ‘prevention’ rather than ‘cure’
    • Prioritise simple solutions by highlighting the most environmentally damaging processes and materials
    • Identify opportunities for innovation
    • Compare existing products with theoretical alternatives
    • Compare existing products with competitor products
    • Estimate the environmental impact of a product over its entire lifespan
    • Target specific carbon emissions of individual stages of the products life cycle
    • Tailor each individual LCA to cater to different world locations
    • Use for marketing and product eco-labeling
  • What makes Mobius different from other LCA tools in the market?

    Ecochain Mobius is LCA software developed for users with little or no LCA experience. But no worries, it can also be used by those who are more experienced in LCAs. Ecochain Mobius is simple to use, allows you to quickly get accurate results, has a broad range of use cases, and suits different industries.