We are Ecochain

Ecochain is an LCA software company with one purpose: empowering companies to make an ongoing sustainable impact on our planet.
With customers from 20+ countries and a broad range of industries, Ecochain is the go-to LCA software for businesses across the globe. Ecochain provides two solutions to empower businesses – Ecochain Mobius and Ecochain Helix.
Ecochain Mobius fosters Ecodesign and helps product designers with little-to-no LCA knowledge to create LCAs with ease. Ecochain Helix enables businesses to create LCAs at a large scale for their production facilities and assess the environmental impact on a company, process, and product level.

Who we are

Founded in 2011, we have one purpose: empowering sustainable impact.

Our team

We are sustainability enthusiasts dedicated to help your company create more sustainable products.

Some Ecochain facts


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Mission and Vision


Empower companies to create more sustainable products by making LCA accessible to every business user.


Enabling companies to understand their environmental footprint every time they create a product and thereby make the world a better place than it was before.

Our values

We care

We deeply care about our planet. We are a tight community with a green heart. This means we truly care about each other and our customers. We always treat each other with respect and honesty. And cherish integrity and quality. And help each other when- and wherever we can.

We share

We always share our knowledge/expertise openly with our colleagues, (potential) customers, and partners to increase our collective impact – together. This means we are always supportive to each other and stimulate collaboration, transparency, and teamwork.

We empower

From a position of trust, we give our colleagues and customers the freedom and responsibility to develop their skills, act on their own initiative, and challenge ideas. We encourage innovation and reward commitment.

Team Ecochain

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Adrian Pirvan
Adrian Pirvan Business analyst
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Aleks Melekhina Content marketer
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Alissa Nicole Thompson
Alissa Nicole Thompson Environmental specialist
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Andrea Colapietro
Andrea Colapietro Software engineer
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Andrei Roșu Environmental specialist
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Andres Galindo Osorio Account Executive
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Aniek Baltussen
Aniek Baltussen Sales engineer
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Anoma van Eeden CMO
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Antoine Froger
Antoine Froger Software engineer
Artjom Janssen
Artjom Janssen Support specialist
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Bart Kolman
Bart Kolman Customer success manager
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Bas Louwers
Bas Louwers Account Executive
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