Energy Crisis: How to lower your company’s energy bill & environmental impact

With energy prices rising exponentially in Europe at the moment, companies are paying attention. Paying attention to what their energy usage will ultimately cost them. Luckily there are company’s who can help them in this journey to energy efficiency – such as our guest and Ecochain’s partner Sensorfact. The silver lining? Energy efficiency will also lower your company’s environmental footprint.

With his head in the numbers, Sensorfact’s Founder and CEO Pieter Broekema was the perfect person for us to speak to about how to become energy efficient in your production processes. And deal with the ongoing energy crisis.

In the episode:

  • How is the energy crises shifting discourse in companies;
  • How does lowering your energy bill link to environmental impact;
  • What can you do with energy usage data collected on your production processes?
  • 5 steps to get started on lowering energy consumption and your environmental footprint.

Learn more on our partner Sensorfact via their website.

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Photo by: Russell Elloway