What sustainability claims can you make as a company? – Talking Transparency in Fashion.

We spoke to Femke Lotgerink the sustainability manager of O My Bag, to find out her thoughts on the topic. With her sustainability expertise came a strong commitment to transparency. And a willingness to admit the sustainability actions that still require progress at O My Bag. Sustainability is a multifaceted topic. As Femke puts it, the Amsterdam-based bag company values the focus and direction their environmental data has given them, on their sustainability efforts.

In the episode:

  • How measuring/sharing your product’s environmental footprint is crucial for positive change;
  • You can’t do it all at once, but where do you start?
  • How to collaborate with suppliers;
  • How to use yours (and other’s) sustainability fails as learnings;
  • And why sustainable product design has to be integrated into the business strategy.

And take a closer look at O My Bag’s sustainability journey via their website.

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