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100's of footprints.
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Measure, share, and improve the environmental footprint of your products – at scale. Discover Ecochain Helix.


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Ecochain Helix enables environmental footprint calculations at scale.

100's of Life Cycle Assessments. One click.

Our Activity-based Footprinting approach allows you to gather insights into large product portfolios, fast - on Scope 1, 2, and 3 - and all relevant environmental indicators.

Compare future scenarios

Identify impact hotspots on a product, portfolio, and process level. Compare different improvements through life cycle scenarios and manage sustainability strategically.

Intelligent connections. Accurate data.

Ecochain Helix gives you access to the world’s leading life cycle inventory databases. Connect your data to your suppliers and generate even more accurate information, faster.

How Ecochain Helix works

Impact Hotspot analysis

The digital twin of your manufacturing process

Ecochain Helix lets you compare the impact of your production processes side by side. Identify hotspots and make sustainable adjustments to the way you manufacture your products.

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Environmental footprints at scale

Footprints for your entire product portfolio, all at once

With Ecochain Helix, you can generate insights into the environmental performance of your entire product portfolio. Compare different products, and create hundreds of LCAs at once.

Compare processes

Adjust, compare, build sustainable scenarios

Improving your environmental footprint is a step-by-step process. That means you need to compare different alternatives first. With Ecochain Helix, you can compare different scenarios and take the most sustainable route.

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The Ecochain Suite: How we help you understand the impact of your products

Powered by Activity-based Footprinting

Measure the impact of large product porfolios.

Ecochain Helix enables you to calculate environmental footprints at scale, for all your products. Increase efficiency, reduce costs per footprint, and generate strategic insights.
Powered by Object-based Footprinting

Design greener products. One iteration at a time.

Ecochain Mobius is the easy sustainable design solution. Plan, compare, and design more sustainable products. Exchange materials and parts and model the impact as you go.
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Ecochain_Specialist Support

Our environmental specialists will guide your way

Not ready to measure your footprint all on your own? Don’t worry. Our team of experienced environmental specialists will assist you in implementing our software and answer all your questions along the way.

How does implementing Ecochain Helix look like?

Sustainability Flywheel
Step 1

We take your whole factory as a starting point, and model it in our tool.

Step 2

We support you to collect the necessary data.

Step 3

We analyze a full year‘s worth of raw material purchases, enery usage, and allocate it to your products.

Step 4

We help you choose the right references and impact categories and generate all the required reports.