Ecochain Helix

100's of products.
100's of footprints.

Measure, share, and improve the environmental footprint of 100s of products – At a fraction of the costs & time. Using the scientific method Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). 

Ecochain Helix enables environmental footprint
calculations at scale. Efficiently.

100's of Life Cycle Assessments. One click.

No more inefficient one-by-one footprint calculations, from now on you’re making 100’s of LCAs at once. Using our unique Activity-based Footprinting approach.

Cost-efficiency in LCA and verification.

Bulk LCAs allow for mass verification of all your product footprints at once. Enabling cost savings per individual LCA and EPD - including the verification of your results.

Environmental insights on multiple levels.

Gain environmental insights on a company, process, supply chain and product-level. Understand where your biggest impact comes from.

In-depth supply chain insights.

Analyse which parts of your supply chain causes your biggest impact. Connect with your suppliers & share your environmental data. Improve together.

Easily manage your improvements.

What if you’d switch to green energy? Or changed a material? Create a copy of your production year and model your reduction efforts strategically.

Environmental Specialists support.

Our experienced environmental specialists can guarantee measurements are performed correctly - according to the latest norms & standards.

How Helix works

Key features of Helix and custom pricing

Ecochain Data Collection webinar. Learn the tips and tricks on how to collect environmental data from our environmental specialist.



Helix is specifically tailored to your use case – that’s why Helix has custom pricing. Do you want to know the key features of Helix?

Guided by our LCA Specialists

Environmental specialist

Our environmental specialists will guide your way

Not ready to measure your footprint all on your own? Don’t worry. Our team of experienced environmental specialists will assist you in implementing Helix and answer all your questions along the way.

What does implementing Ecochain Helix look like?

Step 1

Take your whole factory as a starting point, and model it in Helix.

Step 2

Collect the necessary data to make your footprint calculations.

Step 3

Helix analyses a full year‘s worth of raw material purchases, energy usage, and allocates it to your products.

Step 4

Choose the right references and impact categories and generate all the required reports.

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ISO 9001 & 27001 certified

Ecochain is ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2017 certified.  This means that our quality and information security management is of the highest level. We understand the importance of keeping your data safe and providing you with credible results.

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