Measure & improve the environmental footprint of
your products by using our product footprint solutions. 

Complete portfolios & manufacturing sites.

Ecochain Helix

Measure impact on scale - Efficiently.

Helix uses our unique top-down LCA approach called Activity-based Footprinting. Helix measures all inputs, processes, and outputs of a factory (or multiple) – and distributes them across all of your products. 

The result: Product Footprints (LCAs) at scale – for a fraction of the costs per product.

Helix_Impact per product_Computer mockup

Ecochain Helix is the perfect solution if you...

Individual products & product design.

Ecochain Mobius

Create sustainable products - Quick & Easy.

Mobius is our easy product footprint LCA tool. Measure your product’s environmental footprint – down to the smallest detail. Test alternative materials, processes & designs. And benchmark your product to standards.

The result: Credible, 24/7 accessible, product footprints (LCAs) – Perfect for continuous sustainable product improvements.

Mobius - Life Cycle Assessment software

Ecochain Mobius is the perfect solution if you...

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