Software to help you reduce the environmental footprint of your products

Measure the impact of large product portfolios.

Activity-based Footprinting

Activity-based Footprinting follows a top-down approach. That means that you, per factory, measure all the inputs, processes, and outputs – and distribute them across your products. The result: Product Footprints at scale – for a fraction of the costs per product!

Ecochain Helix is the perfect solution if you...

Design greener products. One iteration at a time.

Object-based Footprinting

Sustainable product design is a constant process of improvement. For that reason, we have developed Ecochain Mobius: The easy-to-use product footprinting solution. With Ecochain Mobius, you can plan, design, and compare more sustainable product alternatives.

Ecochain Mobius is the perfect solution if you...