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To avoid greenwashing claims, conducting a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is crucial. By measuring your products’ environmental impact, from material extraction to disposal, you can have credible evidence for your claims. Discover below how Ecochain can support you with our LCA software for product and portfolio footprinting.

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Easily comply to environmental regulations and norms that are relevant for your industry. Adhere to required LCA standards for public procurement tenders. We help you to easily summarize and submit your LCAs for different purposes. Share all the relevant impact categories and life cycle stages to your audience. Share these results in mutliple formats and standards, such as: EN15804+A2:2019 (EU) and NMD Bepalingsmethode (Dutch). Using Ecochain solutions ensures that you can make a credible sustainability claim of your product(s). How? By equipping our LCA software solutions with the latest LCA standards, methods and databases.

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What our customers say

Thomas van Hemert - Zeropackaging
“The main functionalities of Mobius combined with how easily the tool can be tailored for packaging, makes working with Mobius delight. With Mobius we are able to incorporate Ecodesign to our product development and business processes. ” — Thomas van Hemert, Designer at ZeroPackaging Read more
Wim de Jager COO Skullcandy
“The health of the planet is important to our employees and consumers. Ecochain Mobius has allowed us to measure our products' impact and identify its sources so that we can start implement change. Soon, we will use Ecochain Mobius in our production decision-making processes.” — Wim de Jager, COO at Skullcandy Read more
Sven van Es
“Through Ecochain Helix we have the possibility to make the environmental footprint of all our asphalt mixtures - and make it transparent. This also allows us to convince our clients and partners to take sustainable steps.” — Sven van Es, Project Coordinator Sustainability at Dura Vermeer Infra Read more
Matt Breuer
“Ecochain Helix has allowed us to print footprint decisions to the earliest stage of our planning process, allowing us to proactively plan more sustainable product lines vs. forcing us to react months after a review.” — Matt Breuer, CMO at Buffy Read more

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