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We pride ourselves in working with companies that want to reduce their environmental impact. Read stories about these companies that used our software to work on their sustainability.

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How ZeroPackaging reduced the carbon footprint of Vodafone’s packaging by 48%
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Emma Safety Footwear
Apparel & Textile
Can safety shoes be produced sustainably? EMMA Footwear Case Study
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Skullcandy_headphones image
The environmental footprint of headphones – How Skullcandy helps you live a sustainable life at full volume
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moxba-metrex case study header
How Moxba-Metrex warms up the metal sector to recycling
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Vadigran Logo_with animals
Food & Beverage
Happiness for animal, owner & planet – How Vadigran makes a sustainable life with your pet possible
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Dura Vermeer x ecochain_Asfalt aptitude
How Dura Vermeer uses Ecochain Helix to measure & improve the footprint of 500+ products
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