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LCAs and EPDs for the Construction Industry

Find out how we help companies within Construction & Infrastructure to stay ahead of the competition. With efficiency, accuracy, and cost-reducing LCA software solutions. Ecochain is an experienced LCA software company with a strong focus and origin in the construction industry and related segments. Ecochain started specifically for production facilities in construction materials, that wanted to manage their sustainability performance in one platform.

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10+ years of expertise in construction

Ecochain is the go-to partner when it comes to impact calculations for the European construction industry with more then 10 years of experience in creating LCAs, LCA reports, PCRs and EPDs. Our specialists have helped hundreds of construction businesses win tenders – and even written some of the Product Category Rules (PCR) that define how products in the sector need to be assessed.

Working in the European construction industry?

Our solutions are geared to help measure your products environmental impact. Create LCAs according to required standards such as the EN15804+A2:2019. Create a LCA report or make your own EPD with the results of our LCA software.

Active in the Dutch construction industry?

With both tools you can work according to all the required norms & standards.

  • Create several product LCAs.
  • With one click on a button create >100 Environmental Profiles.
  • Provide a milieukostenindicator. In Dutch: MKI-waarde or in English: ECI calculation.
  • Create an LCA report of multiple products and verify the report in one go.
  • Submit your verified LCA to the Nationale Milieudatabase (NMD).

We have modeled and assessed every building material!

From industry-standards to never-seen-before market innovations. We have seen your product before. Our Environmental Specialists truly understand your specific challenge and will provide you with clarity.

Why is Helix your go-to software for LCA in the construction industry

Less than 50€ per LCA

Reduce your product LCA costs by switching from consultants to our LCA software. Stop paying thousands of euros and reduce costs to less than 50€ per product LCA.

Up to 99% faster than consultants

Analyse LCAs at scale faster with our LCA software. For every 1 product LCA consultant tackles, Ecochain Helix makes 500 in 3 months.

97%+ accuracy with software ease

Dreaming of consultant-level LCA accuracy without the consultant fees? Ecochain Helix delivers 97%+ accuracy with software ease.

Our solution for construction


How Dutch construction contractor Dura Vermeer created LCAs in bulk:

  • Bulk LCA creation, enabling more than 500 LCAs in one go.
  • Comply to European construction standard EN15804+A2
  • Comply with the PCR for asphalt and create Environmental Profiles accordingly
  • Comply to Dutch construction standard NMD 1.1
  • Report on Milieukostenindicator (MKI) and sumbit to tenders

Ecochain Helix

Dura Vermeer, both a contractor and asphalt producer, Ecochain Helix is a perfect solution as they are able to create LCAs in bulk and report on the Milieukostenindicator (MKI) for all of their 500 asphalt mixtures. Using Ecochain Helix, they create asphalt LCAs that comply with the PCR asphalt. They can also report in different standards such as the EN15804+A2:2019, and assess the entire production location and their supply chain.

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What our customers are saying

“We recognized a growing demand for environmental data from our customers and therefore opted for a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) using Ecochain Helix. The software helps us to effectively demonstrate the progress made in reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions, aligning with their overarching goal of achieving net-zero CO2 emissions across production sites until 2035.” — Haro Coolen, Sustainability Director at Schweiter Technologies & 3A Composites Europe
Sven van Es
“Through Ecochain Helix we have the possibility to make the environmental footprint of all our asphalt mixtures - and make it transparent. This also allows us to convince our clients and partners to take sustainable steps.” — Sven van Es, Project Coordinator Sustainability at Dura Vermeer Infra Read more


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