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Get proactive with your product’s environmental impact. Measure & Improve the footprint of your products, create an Life Cycle Assessment using our LCA software Ecochain Mobius and Ecochain Helix.



Ecodesign is a critical approach to product development that emphasizes environmental sustainability throughout the entire product lifecycle. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software plays a pivotal role in enabling ecodesign by providing quantitative insights into the environmental impacts of various design choices.

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Life Cycle Assessment

Create an LCA with our LCA software solutions. Both Ecochain Helix and Ecochain Mobius allow you to create a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). We enable you to study and assess the environmental impact of your products, production processes, and materials used. On a company-level, we also help you to calculate the impact of a production facility.

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Product Carbon Footprint

To lower your carbon footprint effectively, start by grasping its significance and considering other relevant factors. Explore software solutions like Ecochain Mobius to effortlessly calculate and manage your carbon footprint. Discover how our software can streamline this process for you.

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Portfolio Analysis

Ecochain allows you to assess the environmental impact of different products throughout their life cycle. This analysis enables your company to move towards a more sustainable product portfolio and reduce your ecological footprint. View results at different levels, such as your supply chain, company, processes, product, and materials. Identify high-impact products and prioritize your research and development efforts over those that really matter for sustainability. Make informed decisions to improve your company’s environmental performance.

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Sustainability Claims

Proper sustainability claims are based on environmental data that reflects a product’s or company’s reality. The most reliable environmental data on products are obtained with a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

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Sustainable Supply Chain

Start assessing the impact of raw materials and related suppliers, your manufacturing processes, the usage of your product and different disposal options. We provide accurate insights across the entire life cycle of your product to, so that you can take actions and achieve a more sustainable product supply chain.

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