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Packaging has become ubiquitous in this world. You can’t get anything delivered without it being packaged. If you’re a packaging company, it’s imperative that you ensure your solution is sustainable. Performing an LCA on your products and processes lets you assess your impact and make changes to your approach, wherever necessary.

Ecochain Mobius helps companies in the packaging industry like yours stay ahead of the competition by providing impactful insights into their footprint.

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Ecochain for the Packaging Industry

Adopt ecodesign in packaging

Change starts with design. Ecochain Mobius enables you to incorporate sustainable decision making in the design process. Tap into different environmental databases to access comprehensive data on materials—including extraction, processing, transportation, and disposal. Compare the results and identify potential new materials with a lower carbon footprint, less water use, higher recyclability, and reduced toxicity.

Assess the whole process

Be it upstream or downstream, understand which parts of your process make greater environmental impact. Ecochain Mobius then lets you zoom into those hotspots to assess which parts can be worked on to reduce your environmental impact.

Iterate different combinations

Ecodesign is an iterative process. Ecochain Mobius facilitates this by letting you iterate your product composition with different materials and detailing the decrease in the impact each change causes. Want to try a sustainable material instead of a harmful one? Go ahead and model it!

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Extensive material database

You don’t have to run around to get impact data of your products. With environmental impact data of 100+ packaging materials, our databases let you choose from a large amount of plastics, bioplastics, metals, organic materials, adhesives, solvents, and more. Make footprint measurements and design a breeze.

10+ years of expertise

Being around for more than 10 years now, we have worked with many companies in the packaging industry on their LCAs. So, you don’t have to worry, we’ve got you covered. Let us help you as well.

You’ll always find help

Ecochain’s solutions are more than just pieces of software. Our environmental specialists have the expertise and experience to support you in reducing your packaging’s impact and making your project a success.

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Sustainable design

How ZeroPackaging reduced their footprint by 48%:

  • Enabling sustainable decision-making in the design phase
  • Providing customers transparency on the footprint of their packaging
  • Designing for a future with zero impact

Ecochain Mobius

With an intuitive and easy-to-use solution to create LCAs, Zeropackaging used Ecochain Mobius to integrate Ecodesign impact measurements into their design process which enabled them to test their assumptions iteratively, while comparing designs with one another.

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What our customers are saying

Thomas van Hemert - Zeropackaging
“The main functionalities of Mobius combined with how easily the tool can be tailored for packaging, makes working with Mobius delight. With Mobius we are able to incorporate Ecodesign to our product development and business processes. ” — Thomas van Hemert, Designer at ZeroPackaging Read more
Wanda Gordts
“We needed a user-friendly platform to calculate the impact of our products. In addition to access to an extensive database, we also receive personalized advice from environmental specialists. Mobius is exactly what we need to be able to continue learning about sustainability.” — Wanda Gordts, Head of Marketing & Product Development at Vadigran Read more


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