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Ecodesign or sustainable product design is a critical approach to product development that emphasizes environmental sustainability throughout the entire product lifecycle. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software plays a pivotal role in enabling ecodesign by providing quantitative insights into the environmental impacts of various design choices.

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Material Assessment:

  • Evaluate a range of materials such as metals, plastics, fabrics, glass, and more, considering their environmental impacts throughout their lifecycle, including extraction, processing, transportation, and disposal.
  • Access relevant data and identify alternatives that prioritize lower carbon footprints, higher recyclability, and reduced toxicity.

Zoom Into Hotspots:

  • Zoom in on environmental hotspots within your product’s lifecycle, analyzing the impacts of different materials, components, and manufacturing processes.
  • Consider key factors such as energy consumption, water usage, waste generation, and emissions and guide necessary changes.

Find Alternatives:

  • Embrace ecodesign as an iterative process, allowing for the creation and validation of various product design scenarios.
  • Quickly modify and replace materials or components, assessing the immediate impact on sustainability.
  • Anticipate fundamental design questions upfront, exploring how incorporating recycled content can significantly reduce your product’s environmental footprint.

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Ecochain Mobius x Willicroft: Case Study

Discover how Willicroft – plant-based cheese and butter company, implemented ecodesign with Mobius that changed the way of product development

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Skullcandy_headphones image

How Skullcandy identified their impact hotspots:

  • Created cradle-to-gate LCAs for 3 main product groups
  • Revealed the environmental hotspots of their headphones and earbuds
  • Implemented ecodesign into their product development process

By using Ecochain Mobius, Skullcandy gained insights into the impact hotspots in their headphones and earbuds. In a short time, Skullcandy learned where most of their product’s impact stems from. Learning to focus their product development efforts where it really made a significant difference and Ecochain Mobius enabled them to do that with the product LCAs.

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  • What is Ecodesign?

    Ecodesign, also known as green design or sustainable design, is the practice of designing products and services with the environment in mind. It involves considering the environmental impacts of a product or service throughout its entire life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to its disposal, and taking steps to minimize those impacts.

    Ecodesign takes into account the use of resources, such as water and energy, and the generation of waste and emissions, and seeks to reduce these to the greatest extent possible. The goal of ecodesign is to create products and services that are both environmentally friendly and economically viable.

  • What can you do with Mobius?
    • Identify stages or materials where additional impact can be reduced.
    • Create innovative products based on sustainable designs
    • Reduce time and energy spent on the life cycle and sustainable design research
    • Identify the environmental impact of your product early in the design process allowing ‘prevention’ rather than ‘cure’
    • Prioritise simple solutions by highlighting the most environmentally damaging processes and materials
    • Identify opportunities for innovation
    • Compare existing products with theoretical alternatives
    • Compare existing products with competitor products
    • Estimate the environmental impact of a product over its entire lifespan
    • Target specific carbon emissions of individual stages of the products life cycle
    • Tailor each individual LCA to cater to different world locations
    • Use for marketing and product eco-labeling
  • What makes Mobius different from other LCA tools in the market?

    Ecochain Mobius is LCA software developed for users with little or no LCA experience. But no worries, it can also be used by those who are more experienced in LCAs. Ecochain Mobius is simple to use, allows you to quickly get accurate results, has a broad range of use cases, and suits different industries.

  • What kind of support can I get during the trial?

    Each trial includes 2×30 minute calls with one of our experts. Additionally, we have recorded several tutorial videos that give our users more information about how the tool works- and what exactly you can do with it. You can find them in our Help Center.

  • What’s included in the Mobius 14-day free trial?

    The free trial allows you to find out how Mobius works. Scenarios can be built, impact datasets can be found in the LCI databases (e.g. Ecoinvent 3.8), questions can be asked to experts, and you can learn how to model and adjust a full life cycle for you product. The trials functions as a free training to learn more about LCA and environmental impact measurements. Start creating LCAs in an easy way.

    The features are the same as for the paid Mobius version(s). The only difference is the #datasets you can take from our impact (LCI) database Ecoinvent. This holds a maximum of 25 datasets in the free trial.

  • Does Ecochain provide any LCI databases within the Mobius free trial?

    The free trial, Professional, Business, and Enterprise subscription plans of Ecochain Mobius come with the LCI database Ecoinvent (versions: 3.5, 3.6, and 3.8). The Dutch NMD Bepalingsmethode is also included. The Ecochain Mobius free trial has a limit of 25 Ecoinvent datasets that can be used during the trial.

  • How can Mobius be purchased after the free trial?

    Basically, there are two options:

    • Monthly subscription (can be cancelled monthly): via our free trial environment of Mobius, a subscription can be purchased via credit card. So start your free trial and purchase the software whenever you like.
    • Annual subscription (terminable annually): if there is an immediate interest in an annual contract, please contact us. We will share a tailor-made offer specific to your situation. Contact:

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