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Create EPDs at scale cost-efficiently

Navigating environmental regulations and customer expectations in the EU can be challenging, especially when you need to create and verify multiple Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). EPDs are based on the information from a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study. The EPD report includes a summary of LCA results and other relevant information.

Ecochain Helix creates LCAs at scale, allowing mass verification for EPD platforms at a fraction of the cost and time.

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Cost-efficient verified EPD reports


Reduce your costs to 50€ per LCA on average* and leverage Ecochain Helix’s powerful product grouping to create EPDs at scale.


Verify hundreds of products and create EPDs in 6 months*

Third-party verification

Ensure the credibility of your results with third-party verification. Ecochain will guide you through the process.

* Average time according to our internal benchmark

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Semi-automatic EPD

Creating EPDs can seem like a daunting task, however, Ecochain’s Helix offers a semi-automatic EPD template that eases this process while conducting LCAs at scale. The verification process is not automated but performed at scale, which grants similar financial and time benefits compared to an automated verification process.


EPD other solutions

Some solutions offer EPD creation by product or by product category but this sacrifices individual product-level data.

To maintain product-level information, you need to make calculations outside the software, resulting in a messy and difficult to manage process.

Ecochain Helix EPD

Ecochain Helix breaks this barrier allowing you to analyze hundreds of products, create EPDs, and retain verified LCA results for all within the software.

Ecochain Helix - Your trusted ally

  • Activity-based footprinting

    Ecochain Helix uses a unique allocation method. Activity-based footprinting first assigns an organization’s material and energy use to its production processes (activities) and then to its accurate related outputs: your products. After doing so, LCA algorithms conduct integrated environmental footprint calculations on your company, process, and product level.

  • With Ecochain Helix, you can generate insights into the environmental performance of your entire product portfolio. Compare different products, and create hundreds of LCAs at once. Helix’s powerful approach enables mass verification, streamlining the process for large product portfolios.



  • Connect with your suppliers on one platform to collectively aggregate all environmental data throughout your supply chain and drive sustainability improvements. This collaborative environment also facilitates the exchange of EPDs with your suppliers or customers, streamlining data sharing and transparency.

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Customized Pricing

Ecochain Helix is customized to work for your business use case. Which is why we provide custom pricing options for each business.

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  • What is an EPD?

    Environmental Product Declaration reports are standardized, verified documents that transparently present credible information about a product’s impact on the environment. Following the ISO14025 standard (i.e., Type III Environmental Declaration), EPDs are useful for communication, comparison, and decision-making. EPDs are based on the information from a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study. The EPD report includes a summary of LCA results, environmental impact data, and other relevant information.

  • Do my competitors have an EPD?

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a single, universal database to check competitor EPDs directly. However, we’ve got you covered! Eco Portal from Ecoplatform offers a helpful tool to see if your competitors have already created EPDs.



  • What’s the first step to take?

    It is key to understand that there is no EPD without an LCA first. Simply put, LCAs are comprehensive environmental evaluations conducted according to ISO 14040/44 standards. Whereas, EPDs are shorter, simpler, and verified. The first step to take is to measure the environmental impact of your products. Ecochain Helix can help you assess the environmental footprint of your portfolio and ease the creation of EPDs with its semi-automatic EPD template.



  • Is an EPD externally verified?

    Yes, an EPD is verified externally. This involves an independent LCA expert reviewing both the LCA report (the underlying data) and the EPD itself. This review ensures everything complies with the relevant Program Operator Instructions (POs), Product Category Rules (PCR), and established verification protocols. In simpler terms, a trusted third party double-checks the information to guarantee its accuracy and adherence to EPD creation guidelines. Ecochain will support you in the verification process with its verification partners.



  • Is it mandatory?

    Future regulations like the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) acquis highlight the (eventual) mandatory integration of environmental declarations, including EPDs, into the Declaration of Performance (DoP) for construction products in Europe. This integration will begin in mid-2026 and will start with the Global Warming Potential indicator from the EN15804+A2 PCR. Concurrently, all construction product families must review their Harmonized Standards through a Standardization request. Once finalized, this information must be made into DoPs. By 2028, this information on construction products will be added to the Digitial Product Passport. In general, this regulation aims to deliver more sustainable (construction) products to European markets. EPDs extend their reach beyond construction, becoming increasingly relevant in other industries as well.