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If you work in a production department at a facility, you know the goal is to produce goods while minimizing costs and maximizing quality. LCA software enables you to produce these products in a much more sustainable way. With bulk LCA creation options and comparison to previous years of production, you can make better business decisions in shorter times.


Ecochain for Production Departments

Create LCAs at scale

Running a production department can be quite tedious. You shouldn’t have to worry about creating LCAs one by one. Well, with Ecochain Helix, you can create 100s of LCAs for your products at once.

Get multi-level insights

Built on the principle of activity-based footprinting (ABF), Ecochain Helix enables you to create LCAs of your products, processes, and materials. Understand the impact created on each level to make informed business decisions.

Produce sustainably

Your production process can only be improved by constantly comparing where you are with where you were. With Ecochain Helix, compare your production’s footprint year on year to see if the changes you made will lead to more sustainable production or not.

Our solution for Production

See how we help production departments become more sustainable.


How asphalt producer Dura Vermeer created 500 LCAs:

  • Create more than 500 LCAs in one go
  • Comply to European construction standards (EN15804+A2:2019)
  • Create LCAs according to the Dutch standard NMD Bepalingsmethode 1.1
  • Comply with the PCR for asphalt, and create Environmental Profiles accordingly
  • Report on the Milieukostenindicator (MKI) to customers

Ecochain Helix

For Dura Vermeer, both a contractor and asphalt producer, Ecochain Helix is a perfect solution as they are able to create LCAs in bulk and report on the Milieukostenindicator (MKI) for all of their 500 asphalt mixtures. Using Ecochain Helix, they create asphalt LCAs that comply with the PCR asphalt. They can also report in different standards such as the EN15804+A2:2019, and assess the entire production location and their supply chain.

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What our customers are saying

Matt Breuer
“Ecochain Helix has allowed us to print footprint decisions to the earliest stage of our planning process, allowing us to proactively plan more sustainable product lines vs. forcing us to react months after a review.” — Matt Breuer, CMO at Buffy Read more
Sven van Es
“Through Ecochain Helix we have the possibility to make the environmental footprint of all our asphalt mixtures - and make it transparent. This also allows us to convince our clients and partners to take sustainable steps.” — Sven van Es, Project Coordinator Sustainability at Dura Vermeer Infra Read more
Thomas Beekhuis Secrid
“Thanks to Ecochain Helix we generated insight into our impact on the world around us. The best part? It also showed us which main materials and processes we should focus our sustainability efforts - in our mission to reduce that impact.” — Thomas Beekhuis, Sustainable innovation specialist at Secrid Read more

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