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Sustainable Supplychain Management

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Companies are increasingly aware that their environmental footprint and that of their supply chain are heavily interdependent upon each other. If companies want to arrive at a far-reaching reduction of their environmental footprint, they need to collaborate with their suppliers to discover the significant environmental hotspots that offer the biggest opportunities for a sustainable return on investment.


Environmental Profit & Loss

Following the idea of Puma Chairman Jochen Zeitz and the first EP&L was conducted by them in 2010. The concept soon became the benchmark for what might seem a mountainous task for any company that wants to calculate their sustainability performance. The EP&L concept helps companies to put their environment in financial perspective.

Ecochain Technologies provides companies with a comprehensive framework – all the necessary services and tooling – to arrive at Environmental Profit & Loss accounting.

We kindly refer to our Philips case

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