Mobius onboarding training
For new users to LCA software

Mobius onboarding training

You will learn in 3 face-to-face training sessions how Mobius works and how to model your first Product LCAs in Mobius (cradle to gate). The training can be generic or product-specific.

  • For: new Mobius customers who have little to no LCA knowledge
  • Goal: learn the basics of LCA and Mobius
  • Time: 3 sessions of 2 hours
  • In-person training: an LCA specialist will guide you

3 Sessions

In person training



If you are a new customer of Mobius, this training is for you. These are the deliverables of the Mobius onboarding training:

  • Basic LCA knowledge
  • Basic Mobius fluency
  • Better understanding of data collection needs
  • A start on ecodesign
  • Beginning familiarly with a data-based decision-making tool


Do you have questions about the training? Book a call with our sustainable business specialist, Kurt.

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