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#GotData Webinar 1: Data Collection for Environmental Footprinting

GotData – Webinar 1: How to do Data Collection in Environmental Footprinting  – With Ieke Bak, Environmental Specialist at Ecochain  Data on your usages & emissions, utilities, transport, ingredients, etc. Measuring the environmental footprint of products (whether it’s your portfolio or individual products) always starts with data collection.

We discuss:  – Who is responsible for collecting this data?

– What data do you need for environmental footprinting- from who?

– Where do you collect this data from?

– What data processes do you need to set up?

About Ecochain: Ecochain’s environmental intelligence tools enable you to measure and improve the environmental footprint of individual products (Mobius), or your entire product portfolio (Helix).

More about our easy sustainable product design tool Mobius + the free trial

More about our portfolio footprint tool Helix

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