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Product carbon footprint, done right

To reduce your carbon footprint, it is important to first understand what it means and determine if it is the only parameter you should be tracking. Additionally, you should explore how software can assist you in this process. Learn more about carbon footprint and discover how our software, Ecochain Mobius, can help you calculate it.

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What is a carbon footprint?

A product carbon footprint is a measure of the total greenhouse gas emissions associated with a product throughout its life cycle, from raw material extraction and manufacturing to distribution, use, and disposal. It quantifies the environmental impact of a product in terms of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, helping consumers and businesses understand and compare the environmental performance of different products. The goal is often to identify opportunities for reducing emissions and promoting environmentally sustainable choices in production and consumption.



Is it the only impact category you should be tracking?

Short answer, no. There are multiple environmental impact categories that you could assess apart from your carbon emissions—like ozone depletion, water use, land use, and so on. The reason to do this, is because your product might have major carbon emissions, but have a relatively minor water use impact. So, it is good to use software like Ecochain Mobius that converts different emissions that cause the same impact into one unit that translates into one impact category. Read more about impact categories here.


How Ecochain Mobius can help you calculate your carbon footprint

No need for expertise

You don’t have to be a footprint or sustainability expert to calculate your carbon footprint with Ecochain Mobius. All you need is your bill of materials and you’re good to go.


Access to impact data

Don’t have primary data about your product’s carbon emissions available? No problem! Ecochain Mobius has built-in databases that can help you get secondary emission data. And yes, it is included with your subscription.


Carbon footprint, instantly

Insights are more powerful when you have them instantly. With Ecochain Mobius, you can get your product carbon footprint data as a beautiful PDF instantly. You can then share it with the world!

Companies that assess their carbon footprint with us

How our customers reduced their carbon footprint

Sustainable design

How ZeroPackaging reduced their footprint by 48%:

  • Enabling sustainable decision-making in the design phase
  • Providing customers transparency on the footprint of their packaging
  • Designing for a future with zero impact

Ecochain Mobius

With an intuitive and easy-to-use solution to create LCAs, Zeropackaging used Ecochain Mobius to integrate Ecodesign impact measurements into their design process which enabled them to test their assumptions iteratively, while comparing designs with one another.

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Happy Coco

How Happy Coco understood their footprint using Ecochain Mobius:

  • Life cycle assessment of entire product portfolio
  • Analysis on the biggest impact driver—transport of raw material
  • Compare their products with traditional animal-based products

Ecochain Mobius

With an intuitive and easy-to-use solution to create LCAs, Happy Coco used Ecochain Mobius to create an LCA to know with certainty where their environmental impact comes from, and how they can compensate for it.

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