How Supply Chain Data Helps Make the Complex Fashion Industry Less Complex

By now it’s pretty obvious - but the fashion and textile industries are one of the BIGGEST polluters of all. We need transparency and sustainable product improvements to happen and fast. Whether it’s to answer consumer demand or keep up with new legislation (Such as the EU Textile Directive), fashion is in a state of transformation. But change is not always easy. Supply chain data collection, particularly in the fashion & textile industry, can be a bit of a pain.
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With over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry Jolanda Kooi, Co-Founder of tex.tracer is the perfect person to speak to help with this issue. She talks us through how to best collect supply chain data in the fashion industry and help move the sustainable transition forward.

In the episode:

  • Why fashion supply chains are so complex;
  • How the way we collect data can make it much less complex;
  • How to best engage with your suppliers when collecting data;
  • And how you can use the data to make your company and the industry better.

Find Jolanda Kooi, via her LinkedIn. Check out tex.tracer to find out more about data their collection platform.

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EU Textile Directive

Fashion and textile sector pollution

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