How To Tackle SDG’s and Create A Killer Sustainability Report: Practical Examples

A governmental agreement - but one that COMPANIES will have to fulfil. A collective set of goals that will benefit each and everyone of us. We are talking about the UN Sustainable Developments Goal's (SDG’s) of course. A topic our guest Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu is very familiar with and will explain how you can apply them in your sustainability strategy. And she will also help you to effectively communicate this progress to your stakeholders. And not the boring way!
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With her extensive work in the field of translating governmental initiatives to sustainability action plans, Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu CEO of SDG Monitor is the perfect person to provide the tips and tricks on this topic. 

In the episode:

  • The UN SDG’s explained;
  • How can your company apply them?;
  • How to translate data into stories;
  • And the MUST haves of a great sustainability report: a practical example (IKEA);

Link with guest Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu via her LinkedIn. And find out more about SDG monitor on their website. 

And connect with our host Hanni Larma on LinkedIn to keep up to date on the latest sustainability topics. 

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