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Footprinting & LCA

Beginners Guide: 6 steps to create sustainable apparel (using LCA)

To make your products (more) sustainable, you NEED data on their environmental impact. Environmental data allows you to focus your impact reduction efforts, and make credible claims – backed by data. The scientific method Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) gives you the full environmental picture of your products. This is how you get started with LCA in just 6 steps.

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Capacity & Awareness

Life Cycle Assessments & the Fashion Industry – The good, the bad, the potential.

Big fashion brands are under fire, receiving fees- or even sued for greenwashing claims. In this commotion, a lot of well-deserved attention goes to the credibility of environmental data. Where does this data come from? How reliable is it? How reliable are the measurement methods? In this article we go through the good, the bad and the potential of Life Cycle Assessments as environmental impact measurement method for the fashion industry.

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