Product LCAs shouldn’t be too expensive

Check out Ecochain Mobius’ modest pricing options and the features that help you perform LCAs without a hitch.

Yearly payment (save 24%)

Monthly payment

Professional 340/per month For individual professionals looking to make their products more sustainable.
  • Maximum of 1 user

  • Maximum of 100 objects

  • Maximum of 3 workspaces

  • Use of Ecoinvent included

  • Unlimited Talk to an Expert calls

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Enterprise Custom For larger companies that need a tailored solution.
  • 5 users or more
  • Unlimited objects
  • Unlimited workspaces
  • Use of Ecoinvent included
  • Unlimited Talk to an Expert calls
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Ecochain Mobius Features

  • General
    • Use different workspaces to organize your work.
    • Full Life Cycle Modeling (LCA) according to ISO 14040/ 14044.
    • Ecochain is ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified. Your data is safe with us.
    • Includes most common LCI databases (e.g. EcoInvent, Nationale Milieudatabase) and methods (ReCiPe, Environmental Footprint method, NMD Bepalingsmethode 1.0 and previous versions of SBK Bepalingsmethode, etc).
    • Guidance inside the product through helpful tool tips.
    • Customer support via online help center, email, and phone. Unlimited 30 minute check-in calls with our experts.
    • Model any product – breaking it down into materials, components, and processes.
    • Model your product using a multi-layered bills-of-materials (BOM) structure.
    • Use pre-filled ‘product templates’ to get started easily.
    • Ability to tag (label) items.
    • Insights in all common LCA environmental impact indicators (global warming potential, acidification, ozone depletion, etc).
    • Construction: Calculate the Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI/MKI in Dutch).
    • Construction: Support of EN15804+A2.
    • Use scenarios to see the footprint of alternative product designs for Materials, Components, Processes, Waste, Packaging.
    • Compare the footprint of different products – head to head.
    • Customize- and order your own life cycle phases.
    • Visualize results with a detailed view to analyze your results.
    • Results overview (per impact category):
      • Tree-view
      • Flat view
      • Bar chart
      • Sunburst
    • Results on different levels
      • Products
      • Objects
      • Life cycles


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