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Ecochain helps ambitious companies in the construction and infrastructure sector to get insights into their environmental impact. Be it for tenders or suppliers – Ecochain is the trusted specialist for LCA calculations in the construction sector.

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8+ years of construction expertise

Ecochain is the go-to partner when it comes to impact calculations for the European construction sector. Our specialists have helped hundreds of construction businesses win tenders – and even written some of the Product Category Rules (PCR) that define how products in the sector need to be assessed.

We have modeled every material

From industry-standards to never-seen-before market innovations. We have seen your product before.

Our sector specialists understand your challenge and will provide you with clarity about your options.

Customer Success Story

How a construction company lowered their costs, reduced their emissions and unlocked business opportunities with Ecochain

Case Study: Construction Industry


One of our clients – a mid-sized company in the infrastructure, concrete and recycling industry from the Netherlands, needed to make their products more sustainable to win tenders. They were highly interested in becoming more circular as a company.

Identified potentials

Material Costs

44% Cost Savings
19% Lower Social Costs


50% Savings in Diesel use
99% Reduction in CO₂ Emissions from Electricity Consumption


33% Reduction in CO₂ Emissions


100% Reuse of granulates


100% Reuse of concrete modules

Results & Action

The customer not only made their product significantly more sustainable but also improved their margins. The insights provided by Ecochain translated into hard numbers – savings in raw materials, CO2 emissions, and ECI value.

But that wasn’t the end of it. The company identified that they could reuse granulates and concrete modules – a big business opportunity.

Trusted by leading companies

»We are continuously trying to optimize our processes and reduce our energy consumption, use of materials and emissions. Ecochain helps us reduce the footprint of our customers' civil design projects and win tenders together.«
Alexander Pouw
Commercial Director, Theo Pouw Groep BV
Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Create Environmental Product Declarations on the fly

Environmental Product Declarations – short EPDs – are independently verified documents that communicate the environmental impact of your products.

Creating individual EPDs cost a lot of time, effort and money. With Ecochain’s tools, you have all the data you need to efficiently create cost-effective EPDs for individual products-or your entire product portfolio at once. 

Ecochain complies with the following norms and standards

ISO 14040/44
ISO 14067
EN 15804

PAS 2050
European PEF compliance
European OEF compliance

ISO 14021/25 compliance
ISO 14001 data framework
ISO 50001 data framework

GRI data framework environment
EU Energy Efficiency Directive EED

Get a free demo of Ecochain Helix

Helix has helped more than 200 companies measure & reduce environmental impact of their product portfolio’s and manufacturing sites. In a customised demo, we walk you through how Helix can help you.

The Helix demo steps:
Discovery call

We want to ensure you get 100% out of  Ecochain Helix. The discovery call is as a free consultation with one of our business specialists. What are your sustainability goals? Is Helix the right fit for you?

Personalized demo

If Helix has a fit with your needs, you receive a personalised demo. Make sure to invite all relevant stakeholders from your company. The demo covers:

  • What Helix can deliver
  • What our consulting services can add
  • What is needed to implement Helix
Receive a quote

After the demo you will receive a quote for your business case. 

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Our Environmental Management Systems provide a framework to manage and optimize bidding and tendering processes for contractors and suppliers

The construction sector is responsible for approximately 20% of global CO2 emissions. This implies that the sector has a great potential to make an impact. Relatively small efforts can have a strong effect. Public contracting authorities have recognized this and are raising the bar with environmental regulations to stimulate the sector, which generally impacts civil engineering and infrastructure projects first.

Integrated Environmental Intelligence can help the construction sector to maximize sustainable returns

Environmental Intelligence supports contractors and suppliers to gain insight into the hotspots of their value chain and collaborate more effectively with value chain partners to improve their green biddings and the overall design of sustainable infrastructure projects.

Construction material suppliers benefit from readily available product footprint information (LCAs and EPDs)

For material suppliers, it is increasingly important to have product footprint information readily available to help contractors to develop a winning bidding. Environmental Intelligence enables you to calculate the LCAs of your complete product portfolio efficiently, and inform contractors (proactively) about the environmental performance of your products. This builds your competitive advantage as a go-to provider of sustainable materials.

It will also help you to identify environmental hotspots in your portfolio and apply product structure modeling to optimize your Bills of Materials. For example, concrete and asphalt producers use Environmental Intelligence to experiment with different mix designs to find their greenest mix.


Civil design contractors benefit from insights in supply chain hotspots

For contractors, the environmental performance of a project design is becoming a determining factor to create a winning tender.

Integrated Environmental Intelligence empowers you with a complete oversight and insight into the sustainability performance of your suppliers and enables you to fine-tune the most favorable price-sustainability ratio. This helps to optimize and speed up the bidding processes significantly.


Build a competitive advantage together

Environmental Intelligence enables the construction sector to manage and share integrated environmental information with value chain partners.

This allows material suppliers and contractors to collaborate effectively and increase the sustainability of their projects. Together, they can create winning tender bids with innovative sustainability solutions.

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