Carbon Tax is coming - are you prepared?

Around the world, governments discuss Carbon Taxes. They could cut your profits, increase administration and put your business at risk. Unless you start preparing today. We have collected all the information you need to know on Carbon Taxes on this site.

Worldwide carbon tax

Carbon tax is a powerful tool for governments to steer towards a greener economy. Worldwide there are over 45 carbon pricing schemes in place while many are being implemented in the near future. 

Did you know that the first carbon pricing scheme was already in place in 1992? Check out our visualisation to see where it went from there. 



Get started with carbon taxes

Carbon Taxes are being discussed around the world – and they could hurt your business. We have created an extensive guide that provides you with a thorough understanding of the principles behind carbon tax and carbon pricing.

Get ready for carbon tax in 5 steps. Download our quick guide now.

How much would a carbon tax cost you?

Carbon taxes can make a big difference for your business. To prepare properly, you need to know how much you would pay. We developed a free Carbon Tax Calculator that helps you calculate the potential risk you’re facing, based on your company’s industry and revenue.

Carbon Tax Calculator

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Our teams of Environmental Specialists and Business Consultants are experienced in both, Sustainability  and Business Management. Because they combine the best of both worlds, they can help you get prepared for carbon taxation and set your business up for the future.