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How To Sustainably Innovate Products – And Make It Profitable.

Our daily lives revolve around the use of different products. We wake up to an alarm clock, we get dressed in our clothing, we rush to get breakfast from the fridge. But how are all of these products designed? AND more importantly how can they be innovated to fit the modern need for sustainability – while also being profitable for the company?

With his expertise on sustainable product design our guest Felix Arand from Zuehlke talks to us about his tips and tricks on how to get started.

In the episode:

  • Why sustainable product development is crucial for business;
  • What are the first steps needed within the company;
  • How collaboration within different teams can make or break your development efforts;
  • Why sustainable product design has to be integrated into the business strategy.

Find Felix Arand via his LinkedIn. And take a closer look at Zuehlke and their innovative design projects on their website.

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Photo by: Russell Elloway