How audio lifestyle brand Skullcandy battles the E-Waste crisis.

We’re accustomed to getting ‘new’ and ‘improved’ electronic products at a fast pace. Companies are racing to create the next best thing, so they don’t lose out on business. Is it time we re-evaluate the definition of ‘new’ and ‘improved’? Jessica Klodnicki, Chief Marketing Officer at Skullcandy definitely thinks so. One of the biggest problems? Batteries.

Audio lifestyle brand Skullcandy’s employees & customer base are made up of passionate outdoor enthusiasts. They care about the health of our planet and it hurts them to see its current condition. An emotion that reflects in their way of doing business. Jessica Klodnicki has been a part of the sustainability shift at Skullcandy since the beginning. From measuring their products’ environmental impact to opening their minds to inspiring & creating a sustainable consumer electronics industry. And the results are impressive. Today Skullcandy has significantly improved many of its products’ environmental footprints- and changed its design guidelines for ALL future products. This is how. 

In the episode:

  • How measuring your products’ environmental footprint is crucial for positive change;
  • The surprising design element with the BIGGEST environmental impact;
  • How to collaborate on sustainability within different teams;
  • Why the end of the battery war is essential to sustainable change in the consumer electronics industry;
  • And why sustainable product design has to be integrated into the business strategy.

Find Jessica Klodnicki via her LinkedIn. And take a closer look at the amazing sustainability work of Skullcandy via their website or our case study.

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Photo by: Russell Elloway