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Gain insights to create cost-efficient, verified LCAs and EPDs

Ecochain Helix is designed for companies with multiple factories to measure the environmental impact of their product portfolio on a large scale.

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Why Helix is your LCA software for LCAs at scale

Less than 50€ per LCA

Reduce your product LCA costs by switching from consultants to our LCA software. Stop paying thousands of euros and reduce costs to less than 50€ per product LCA.*

Up to 99% faster than consultants

Analyze LCAs at scale faster with our LCA software. For every 1 product LCA a consultant tackles, Ecochain Helix makes 500 in 3 months.*

97%+ accuracy with software ease

Dreaming of consultant-level LCA accuracy without the consultant fees? Ecochain Helix delivers 97%+ accuracy with software ease.*

*According to our internal benchmark

Customized Pricing

Ecochain Helix is customized to work for your business use case. Which is why we provide custom pricing options for each business.

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Ecochain Helix top features

Multi-level insights

Shareable results (PDF)

Portfolio hotspots analysis

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What our customers are saying

“We recognized a growing demand for environmental data from our customers and therefore opted for a comprehensive Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) using Ecochain Helix. The software helps us to effectively demonstrate the progress made in reducing Scope 1 and 2 emissions, aligning with their overarching goal of achieving net-zero CO2 emissions across production sites until 2035.” — Haro Coolen, Sustainability Director at Schweiter Technologies & 3A Composites Europe
Sven van Es
“Through Ecochain Helix we have the possibility to make the environmental footprint of all our asphalt mixtures - and make it transparent. This also allows us to convince our clients and partners to take sustainable steps.” — Sven van Es, Project Coordinator Sustainability at Dura Vermeer Infra Read more
“At BABOR, we attach great importance to making decisions based on facts, figures and data and avoid guesswork. Ecochain Helix helps us understand out product-related environmental impacts and enables us to take the right steps on our sustainability journey. By offering precise data on each product, Helix gives us the certainty to effectively tailor our product and process optimizations.” — Christoph Vormstein, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Environmental Officer at BABOR
Jan-Willem van Loon
“We started with a "box of data". But Ecochain Helix helped us turn our data into a sustainable story that helps us connect with our customers.” — Jan-Willem van Loos, Co-owner at Studio Anneloes Read more
Thomas Beekhuis Secrid
“Thanks to Ecochain Helix we generated insight into our impact on the world around us. The best part? It also showed us which main materials and processes we should focus our sustainability efforts - in our mission to reduce that impact.” — Thomas Beekhuis, Sustainable innovation specialist at Secrid Read more


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