Get a free demo of Ecochain Helix

Helix has helped more than 200 companies measure & reduce environmental impact of their product portfolio’s and manufacturing sites. In a customised demo, we walk you through how Helix can help you.

The Helix demo steps:
Discovery call

We want to ensure you get 100% out of  Ecochain Helix. The discovery call is as a free consultation with one of our business specialists. What are your sustainability goals? Is Helix the right fit for you?

Personalized demo

If Helix has a fit with your needs, you receive a personalised demo. Make sure to invite all relevant stakeholders from your company. The demo covers:

  • What Helix can deliver
  • What our consulting services can add
  • What is needed to implement Helix
Receive a quote

After the demo you will receive a quote for your business case. 

Questions? Call us at +31 (0)20 30 35 777!

CONSULTANT/PARTNERSHIP: If you are a consultant or looking for a partnership, please contact us here to inquire about our options.

You can schedule your time slot after filling out your details.