Case study

How Theo Pouw is winning tenders and improving their MKI with Environmental Intelligence

The Theo Pouw Group distinguishes itself towards through high-value products with low CO2 emissions. Ecochain helps to reduce costs and shows how they can produce materials with less energy.


The Theo Pouw Group supplies primary and secondary building materials to the soil, road, water and concrete construction industry – a competitive industry, with many environmental regulations. The Dutch construction sector has high environmental standards – public tenders are often decided based on the Environmental Cost Indicator (MKI).

This is why suppliers have to produce high-value products with low CO2 emissions. Environmental reports are not enough for this task, since materials, processes and suppliers might change. It is crucial to stay on top of environmental data in order to stay competitive.

Solution: Creating transparent flows

Ecochain’s Environmental Specialists helped the Theo Pouw Group to map their processes and generate material and energy flows. With our Environmental Intelligence Platform, they created a clear picture of their energy and emissions and found hotspots to efficiently improve their product portfolio.

Ecochain helps us with our calculations and helps make our company more sustainable, by finding and using available solutions and technologies.


Sustainability is a competitive advantage

Ecochain helps the Theo Pouw Group to gain a competitive advantage in the construction industry. They incrementally improved the sustainability of their products, while reducing costs and increasing process efficiency.