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Case study

How Dataflex creates circular workplaces and wins tenders with Environmental Intelligence

Dataflex is a manufacturer and distributor of ergonomic workplace accessories from Randstad, the Netherlands. Their customers are businesses in need of ergonomic solutions that link workers, desks, chairs and computers – in offices, but also manufacturing facilities.

Sustainability is a game changer in competitive markets

In this highly competitive landscape, the customer demand for sustainability has steadily increased. Furthermore, since Dataflex is often involved in public projects within the EU, having transparent footprint data available is crucial for attracting new business opportunities.

The greener, the better. But you can’t change the entire world yourself – you need everybody within the chain. Customers and suppliers alike. Ecochain helps us identify the areas where we can be the first to really succeed.


Manufacturing more sustainable, one step at a time

Dataflex uses Ecochain to take the most efficient steps towards a circular business model. Through the implementation of Ecochain, Dataflex was able to manufacture more efficiently, increase the transparency of their products and reduce the costs for external consultants.

You can’t submit a tender in the European Union without that data. And if you do and your competitors don’t, then you’re in a better position per definition.