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Revolutionary Environmental Management Software

Gain complete visibility into your environmental performance with our easy-to-use applications that empower you to head for sustainable growth


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…have been calculated by our clients, using Ecochain. Together we are creating one of the largest global databases with authentic footprint data



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'With Ecochain we are able to optimize the decision-making process and track the results continuously'

‘Ecochain’s Environmental intelligence solves sustainability challenges for us. With Ecochain we are able to optimize the decision-making process and track the results continuously. Beside that Ecochain provides a reliable, scientifically proven method to measure, to prove and to market the continuous improvements to the environmental performance of our kegs’

Bert Hanssen Technical - Director Lightweight Container
lIghtweight containers - Bert Hansen

'Ecochain helps us to reduce costs, improve process management, reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.'

We are continuously striving to optimize our processes to discover how we can reduce our energy consumption, use of materials and emissions. This is how we help our customers reduce the footprint of their civil design projects and win green tenders together. Due to Ecochain we can measure and improve our performance, and we do so on a monthly basis.

- Alexander Pouw, Commercial Director

‘I think that in the near future you will not even be able to submit to a tender without disclosing your environmental performance’

The greener the better, but Rome wasn’t built in a day. It is impossible to change the world on your own. You need everyone in your value chain to arrive at a CO2 neutral operation. And Ecochain helps us to identify the hotspots in our value chain that in effect point out opportunities to really make an impact.

- Roderik Mos, Managing Director

‘The urgency for sustainability is a topic that is so extremely vivid and concerns everyone. As a business, you have to get your house in order’

You need to analyze your own environmental performance before you can engage your value chain partners. Ecochain developed a toolbox that is accessible and easy to use and taught us the rules of the sustainability game, so we can discuss these rules with others and really make a difference.

- Jos Burger, CEO Ultimaker
Industry Focus


The urgency for a green, sustainable built environment is growing and governments are pushing the industry to raise the bar with strict legislation. Ecochain helps contractors and their suppliers to become industry leaders and sustainable frontrunners.

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Industry Focus


The demand for transparency about the environmental impact of packaging is growing rapidly. At the same time, the industry is dealing with raw material scarcity, a challenging energy transition and increased regulation. Ecochain helps to convert these challenges into sustainable opportunities.

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Packaging - Crude Oil Main
Chemical Industry - Rafinery
Industry Focus


The demand for a sustainable chemical industry is increasing. But it is no longer just a matter of complying with regulators and dealing with public pressure. Environmental Intelligence helps chemical producers become lean, sustainable frontrunners that anticipate the global power shift.

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Revolutionary Environmental Management Software

Our robust environmental management platform enables any company to manage, understand and report complex environmental data in one accessible, reliable and transparent system.

Ecochain Environmental Softwar

Administrate, manage, understand and report complex environmental data in one compliant, traceable and transparent system.


Integrate natural capital accounting and environmental performance in your business’s strategy on par with financial performance and provide the rationale for investments.

Marketing & Sales

Profit from transparent, reliable and readily available footprint information and communicate the environmental performance of your business to increase marketing & sales performance.

Process Engineering

Gain insight into sustainable, cost-effective hotspots for lean process optimization.


Discover the significant environmental hotspots in your value chain, gain insight into the environmental performance of products and services of suppliers and collaborate to maximize sustainable returns.


In collaboration with our valuable customers and partners, we have discovered the many opportunities for sustainable growth. We hope to add value by sharing our insights with everyone who wants to make sustainable change

  • 11 October 2018
    The Urgenda verdict: A huge opportunity for the Dutch State

    The recent victory of Urgenda is internationally called a ‘historic legal order’. And we applaud that. We admire the enormous dedication and perseverance of Urgenda. Thank you, on behalf of all of us. We wonder; Was this a lawsuit against the State or in the interests of the State? The question is: What does it cost us if we do not take climate measures?

  • 4 October 2018
    Importance of Sustainability in Hospitality

    The demand for sustainable products and services is growing, including the tourism sector. It is responsible for 8% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, ranking hotels as the second largest polluters. On October 5th Ecochain will be present at the “Seminar Circular Hotels” to give a workshop in collaboration with Conscious Hotels Amsterdam.

  • 14 September 2018
    A milestone! Our clients calulcated over 350.000 product-footprints (LCAs) using our platform

    Thanks to our clients who trusted our platform and calculated 350.000 product footprints, we could very well be the largest database with product footprints in the world. And this is just the beginning.