Reduce your environmental footprint.
Product by product.

Measure and improve the environmental footprint of your products, or your entire product portfolio – with our software. Get proactive about your impact.

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We deeply believe our world needs positive change.
So we created software that empowers exactly that.

Ecochain Helix enables you to calculate environmental footprints at scale, for all your products. Increase efficiency, reduce costs per footprint, and generate strategic insights.

Powered by Activity-based Footprinting

Ecochain Mobius is the easy sustainable design solution. Measure, compare & design more sustainable products. Exchange materials and parts and model the impact as you go.

Powered by Object-based Footprinting

Two approaches.
One goal: Measuring impact.

Environmental footprints can be calculated top-down or bottom-up. Top-down (Activity-based Footprinting) gives you insights into large product portfolios. Bottom-up (Object-based Footprinting) helps you dive deep into one product.

Goodbye, PDF.
Hello, dynamic environmental reporting.

Impact measurement, made for business

Our software solutions are built to deliver strategic business insights - not academic research.

Full control over your data

Your business constantly changes. With Ecochain, you always have access to the most recent data.

Measuring means collaborating

Our solutions are made for easy collaboration, across departments. Enable sustainability throughout your business.

Our environmental specialists will guide your way

Not ready to measure your footprint all on your own? Don’t worry. Our team of experienced environmental specialists will assist you in implementing our software and anaswer all your questions along the way.

We do the research.
You make the impact.

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