Turn your environmental data into a business opportunity

Measure and understand the environmental footprint of every aspect of your business. Identify opportunities to reduce emissions, increase efficiency and lead strategically - with our Environmental Intelligence Platform.
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Take control over your environmental data

Today, environmental data affects every aspect of your business. To be competitive, need to know your footprint and find opportunities to reduce your emissions. With Ecochain’s Environmental Intelligence Platform, you can measure your entire company’s environmental impact and take the most effective measures.


Across the organization

Instead of assessing footprints one at a time, calculate the footprint of your company, your processes, your entire product portfolio and even that of your materials at once. We call this method Activity-based Footprinting (ABF).


For everyone

Every stakeholder needs environmental information.
With easy-to-access performance statistics, everyone understands environmental data – and can use it as a business opportunity.


Along the supply chain

Your supply chain contributes most of your company’s footprint.

Connect your business to your suppliers to find small investments that have a huge impact.

How businesses in your industry benefit from Environmental Intelligence

Learn more about how companies in your industry use Environmental Intelligence to reduce their footprint and increase efficiency.

Building & Construction


Food & Agriculture


Textile Industry


Ecochain helps your entire business to reduce emissions, increase efficiency and unlock opportunities

Learn how you and your colleagues can use Ecochain to benefit from our Environmental Intelligence Platform.


Executive Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain & Procurement



Product Development & Research

Trusted by leading companies

»We are continuously trying to optimize our processes and reduce our energy consumption, use of materials and emissions. Ecochain helps us reduce the footprint of our customers' civil design projects and win tenders together.«
Alexander Pouw
Commercial Director, Theo Pouw Groep BV

The Life-cycle Assessment
for your entire company

Getting insights into your entire footprint used to be extremely complex. With Ecochain, you can calculate the footprints of hundreds of products in less time than ever.

How Ecochain works

LCA Data Assessment

Data Assessment
Our Environmental Experts help you gather the data about your energy and materials.

2 Data Allocation
Together, you allocate the environmental data to activities such as your production processes.

3 Environmental Intelligence
Ecochain’s LCA algorithms analyze your hotspots and show the most significant opportunities to reduce your emissions and increase your efficiency.

LCA Carbon Footprint

4 Reducing the Footprint
Take action to improve your environmental performance – and measure the results with Ecochain.

Talk to an expert

You will receive a personal product demo from one of our product specialists. We will walk you through Ecochain and answer your individual questions.