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How we empower sustainable change

Every sustainability challenge is different. Our specialists and software solutions help you understand your emissions – and drive sustainable innovation. This is how it works.

1 Free Consultation

Do you need a quick footprint? Or do you want a dashboard of all you activities? You describe your challenge and what you want to achieve to one of our specialists. They provide you with first insights into how your challenge could be solved.

2 Solution analysis

Different questions require different answers. Our specialists put together a tailor-made, proven solution to your problem. This can be a mix of software solutions and consulting services.

3 Implementation

Many stakeholders are involved in sustainability projects. With a clear project plan, we help to create alignment within your organization. We create clear responsibilities and deliverables.

4 Ongoing Support

Our specialists are always available to help you stay a sustainable frontrunner.

»We are continuously trying to optimize our processes and reduce our energy consumption, use of materials and emissions. Ecochain helps us reduce the footprint of our customers' civil design projects and win tenders together.«
Alexander Pouw
Commercial Director, Theo Pouw Groep BV

What is Ecochain?

With our Environmental Intelligence Platform, you can measure your entire company’s environmental impact and take the most effective measures.

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Compliant to ISO and EU standards

Ecochain facilitates the performance of LCA studies according to ISO 14040/ISO14044, ISO 14025 and EN15804.
Ecochain is member of the Technical Advisory Board of the PEF/OEF initiative of the European Commission, and as a result fully up-to-speed with these developments. Criteria for “PEF ready” LCA software are currently under discussion, and as soon as they become available we will implement them in our software.