Ecochain: About the company

When Ecochain’s founder Jochem Mos, a Life Cycle Assessment Expert with an MSc Business degree, was tasked with calculating footprints for an entire supply chain, he was facing the same issue that many businesses face:

With a complex supply chain, this would take forever – and once one supplier updates their products, he could start from scratch again.

LCAs were time-consuming and costly – and worst of all: They didn’t deliver any return on investment.

They were hard to consolidate and extend to a company footprint.

Couldn’t it be easier and faster to get that data?

Activity-based Footprinting: Inspired by finance

Inspired by the concept of Activity-based Costing, Jochem developed Activity-based footprinting in 2011.

Using ABF, Jochem could conduct an LCA of a consolidated set of data, leading to an integrated insight into footprints at company, process and product level. He understood this would allow companies to indicate key leverage points and measurements to make their business more sustainable while improving their bottom line. In Boudewijn, his brother, he found the support he needed to start Ecochain Technologies.

Ecochain today.

Today, Ecochain helps companies to turn their environmental data into business opportunities, enabling them to be more sustainable, efficient and future-proof at the same time.

Ecochain serves over 1100 users worldwide and has calculated more than 350.000 footprints – far more than any other solution on the market.

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Ecochain Germany


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