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Founded in 2011, we have one mission: Empowering companies to make an ongoing sustainable impact on our planet. We do that by making environmental footprints of product(s) and production processes accessible. Because as we say in Dutch: “Meten is weten” – to measure means to understand. Understanding your environmental footprint is the first step to reducing it efficiently.

Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) used to be tedious and take a lot of time and money. With our product footprint tools and supporting services, we help companies around the world to gain insights into the environmental footprint of their product(s). Fast and without headaches. Want to join us on this journey? Then sign up for our Environmental Update and we will send you insights into the world of environmental data and sustainability every other week.

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Our values

We care in green
We share
We empower

We care

We share

We empower

We deeply care about our planet. We are a tight community with a green heart. This means we truly care about each other, and our customers. We always treat each other with respect and honesty. And cherish integrity and quality. And help each other when- and wherever we can. 

We always share our knowledge/expertise openly with our colleagues, (potential) customers, and partners to increase our collective impact – together. This means we are always supportive to each other and stimulate collaboration, transparency, and teamwork.

From a position of trust, we give our colleagues and customers the freedom and responsibility to develop their skills, act on their own initiative, and challenge ideas. We encourage innovation and reward commitment.

Ecochain Data Collection webinar. Learn the tips and tricks on how to collect environmental data from our environmental specialist.

Our team

Our offices in the east of Amsterdam host our environmental, commercial and product teams, dedicated to help your company reduce emissions, increase efficiency and become future-proof.

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