Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) – Overview

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

Environmental Product Declarations are often used to showcase LCA results from business to business. But what is an EPD exactly?

Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) – Overview

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The Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) unites relevant environmental impacts into a single score of environmental costs. What is it used for? How is it calculated?

Impact Categories (LCA) – Overview

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Learn what impact categories are useful for and which impact categories there are.

ISO 14001 & Co.: The standards that define environmental management

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The methodology of an LCA is defined in ISO 14040. But the family of standards defined in ISO 14000 ff sets standards for many more aspects of the environmental impact of a company.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) – Complete Beginner’s Guide

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A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) measures the environmental impacts of a product or service. Learn all about LCA in our extensive guide.