Environmental Intelligence Platform

What if your LCA software gave you much more than just a report?

LCA software used to give you one single footprint. With Ecochain, you can generate hundreds at a time, discover business opportunities and increase efficiency.

Ecochain Product Comparison

With Ecochain, you can calculate environmental footprints of your


Calculate the footprint of your products. Analyze emissions of processes, energy and materials and make sustainable decisions.


Compare the footprint of your entire product portfolio, find the products with the highest emissions and make efficient decisions.

Value Chain

Connect with your suppliers. Identify hotspots in your footprint, find the biggest leverage and take the first step towards circularity.

What's an Environmental Intelligence Platform?

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Ecochain LCA Software Alternative

How your business benefits from Environmental Intelligence

Traditional LCA Software

  • Handled by LCA experts –
    knowledge gets outsourced
  • Single Product Assessment,
    one product at a time
  • Benchmark based on Industry average
  • High variable costs

Environmental Intelligence Platform

  • Handled internally by all stakeholders –
    knowledge remains inside
  • Integrated company assessment –
    footprint for the entire organization
  • Benchmark based on real data
  • Low fixed costs
Ecochain: Product Overview

An introduction to Ecochain

Every business is different. We strongly encourage you to schedule a demo with our environmental experts, so they can tailor it to your needs and show you how to get the maximum out of Ecochain.

Gain insights into impact flows

Take a closer look at the materials and processes that contribute to the environmental footprints of your products.

Ecochain Feature Impact Flow
Ecochain Product Footprint

Control your full portfolio's Footprint

Conduct LCA Life-cycle Assessments across your entire product portfolio at once and easily compare the footprint of individual products.

Compare the footprint of product lines based on production numbers

Understands the impact of product lines within the context of production numbers.

Compare Product Lines
Scopes Visualization

Analyze the environmental impacts of scope 1,2 and 3

Gain insights into the full scope of your impact across your value chain. Identify hotspots that point out opportunities for sustainable returns. Collaborate with value chain partners to optimize your environmental performance.

Dive into the details of your footprint

Zoom into the details of your footprint and break it down into 32 different environmental categories – from CO2 to water toxicity – or display your footprint as an Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) score.

Footprint Details
Ecochain is built on the world's most advanced LCI databases.

Start being future-proof today.

These are your six steps to reduce your emissions, increase your efficiency and unlock business opportunities.

  1. Schedule a Demo
  2. Attend a tailored, in-depth presentation (45 minutes)
  3. Receive our tailored offer – the offer includes the implementation of Ecochain through our environmental specialists.
  4. Receive easy and self-explanatory templates to prepare the company data. Kick-off meeting with Ecochain specialists.
  5. Ecochain’s specialists help you with implementing the software, deliver actionable insights and train your team.
  6. Ecochain provides ongoing support and expert hours.
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