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Mobius is the Carbon Transparency solution for product development and design. Model your product’s entire life cycle and create what-if-scenarios to improve its environmental performance.


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Our Environmental Intelligence Platform provides companies with insights into their environmental performance. Measure your company and value chain footprint (Scope 1,2, and 3). Perfect for environmental reporting and sustainability strategies.

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What our specialists can do for you


In a kickoff meeting, we define first steps, necessary stakeholders, and define a clear project plan. You will leave with a clear timeline for the project.

Data Collection

Assembling the data needed to create Environmental Intelligence can be a tedious task. Our environmental specialists can help you assemble your electricity, waste and water usage as well as materials and processes along your value chain.


Our Environmental Specialists help you to map your processes in Ecochain or create your first products with you.

Hotspot Analysis

We help you by analyzing your product portfolio and value chain. We identify hotspots that drive environmental impact and help you find solutions to fix them.

Product Comparison & Benchmarking

How well do your products perform? We can help you compare your products to each other as well as put them in context with industry benchmarks.

Training your specialists

Our environmental specialists can train your sustainability or CSR experts to effectively use our Environmental Intelligence Platform and internalize environmental know-how.

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