Measure & improve the environmental footprint of your products – on two different scales:

Take control over your products' sustainability performance.

With our two footprint tools.

Mobius vs Helix

Ecochain Helix

Measure the impact of large product portfolios.

Activity-based Footprinting

Activity-based Footprinting follows a top-down approach. That means that you, per factory, measure all the inputs, processes, and outputs – and distribute them across your products. The result: Product Footprints at scale – for a fraction of the costs per product!

Ecochain Helix is the perfect solution if you...

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Ecochain Mobius

Measure and Design more sustainable products. Fast & Easy.

Object-based Footprinting

Sustainable product design is a constant process of improvement. For that reason, we have developed Ecochain Mobius: The easy-to-use product footprinting solution. With Ecochain Mobius, you can measure, compare and design more sustainable product alternatives. Fast, Easy, Credible. Try it yourself in the free trial!

Ecochain Mobius is the perfect solution if you...

Mobius Screenshot - T-Shirt Example LifeCycle

Not sure which tool is the best for you?

Helpful resources on footprinting & LCA for business:

Sustainable design

Guide: Ecodesign, sustainable design, circular design – What’s the difference?

There are a lot of similar design terms flowing around in the world of creating (more) sustainable products. But do they all mean the same thing? Are they equally relevant for your sustainable improvement efforts? Where should you start? Let’s dive into it…

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Life Cycle Assessments & the Fashion Industry – The good, the bad, the potential.

Big fashion brands are under fire, receiving fees- or even sued for greenwashing claims. In this commotion, a lot of well-deserved attention goes to the credibility of environmental data. Where does this data come from? How reliable is it? How reliable are the measurement methods? In this article we go through the good, the bad and the potential of Life Cycle Assessments as environmental impact measurement method for the fashion industry.

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Toby Liebsch - Guestblog ESG investing

How not to get raided for greenwashing investments – a beginner’s guide to ESG investing

ESG is the hot topic in the finance world. But what does it mean, and how can data prevent us from going to jail?

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Thinking about primary vs secondary data in LCA

Primary vs. secondary data – What’s the best in LCA?

To make an LCA you first need data on your product(s). What’s the difference between primary and secondary data in LCA? Which form of data is the best?

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Data Collection Guide for LCA's_Header

The data you need to make a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Data on your usages & emissions, utilities, transport, materials, etc. Measuring LCA’s of products always starts with data collection. But what data do you need- from who?

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Climatseed x Ecochain_How much to offset

How much of my emissions do I need to offset?

You want to offset your carbon emissions. But you can’t just do so based on loose assumptions. How do you know how much to offset?

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