Environmental Management Software that turns your environmental data into a business opportunity

Measure and understand the environmental footprint of every aspect of your business. Identify opportunities to reduce emissions, increase efficiency and lead strategically – with our Environmental Intelligence Platform.

  • Profile of all your company processes
  • Conduct Life Cycle Assessments and create EPDs
  • Connect with your supply chain to measure scope 1,2 and 3
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Take control over your environmental data

Today, environmental data affects every aspect of your business. To be competitive, you need to know your footprint and find opportunities to reduce your emissions. With Ecochain’s Environmental Intelligence Platform, you can measure your entire company’s environmental impact and take the most effective measures.


Across the organization

Instead of assessing footprints one at a time, calculate the footprint of your company, your processes, your entire product portfolio and even of your materials at once. We call this method Activity-based Footprinting (ABF).


For everyone

Every stakeholder needs environmental information.
With easy-to-access performance statistics, everyone understands environmental data – and can use it as a business opportunity.


Along the supply chain

Your supply chain contributes most of your company’s footprint.

Connect your business to your suppliers to find small investments that have a huge impact.

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Customer Success Story

How Lightweight Containers turned sustainability into a business opportunity


Lightweight Containers produce packaging for beverages. Their flagship product is the KeyKeg, a beverage keg.

They wanted to improve the sustainability of their products, especially the KeyKeg, their flagship product.

Insights Generated


100% reduction in CO2 emissions for electricity consumption

Process Transparency

Sustainable processes became transparent


80% more recycling of production waste -
turn waste into value.

ECI Value Lowered

ECI value could be lowered even ahead of legislation

Results & Action

Lightweight Containers realized more than 100,000€ worth of savings on each production site. The footprint of the KeyKeg was reduced by 10% within one year.

Ecochain: Product Overview

An introduction to Ecochain

Every business is different. We strongly encourage you to schedule a demo with our environmental experts, so they can tailor it to your needs and show you how to get the maximum out of Ecochain.

Gain insights into impact flows

Take a closer look at the materials and processes that contribute to the environmental footprints of your products.

Control your full portfolio's Footprint

Conduct LCA Life-cycle Assessments across your entire product portfolio at once and easily compare the footprint of individual products.

Compare the footprint of product lines based on production numbers

Understands the impact of product lines within the context of production numbers.

Analyze the environmental impacts of scope 1,2 and 3

Gain insights into the full scope of your impact across your value chain. Identify hotspots that point out opportunities for sustainable returns. Collaborate with value chain partners to optimize your environmental performance.

Dive into the details of your footprint

Zoom into the details of your footprint and break it down into 32 different environmental categories – from CO2 to water toxicity – or display your footprint as an Environmental Cost Indicator (ECI) score.

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You are controlling your finances - are you controlling your emissions?

Environmental bookkeeping: Control your emissions, reduce efficiently, be ready for the future.

Could you work efficiently without bookkeeping software? Your customers, investors, colleagues and partners are demanding proof of how environmentally friendly your operations and products really are. Start today and use our Environmental Intelligence Platform as one source of truth for all your environmental data.

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