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Onboarding services

We want your first impression with our LCA software to be the best! We offer various methods to provide you the best experience during the usage of software. Ranging from standard trainings to tailored onboarding services.

You can also train yourself (DIY) by making use of the Ecochain Help Center. Here you find extensive video tutorials, articles and exercises.

Onboarding Training

Our standard onboarding training includes several sessions where the following topics are covered:

  • The basics of Life Cycle Assessment to measure your product’s impact
  • The basics features of our software
  • Guidance on how to do a cradle-to-gate LCA in our software.

Tailored Onboarding

We recognize that you may be facing particular challenges in assessing and enhancing the environmental impact of your product or manufacturing site. Please inform us about your specific challenges, so we can tailor your experience in adopting our LCA software to align with your objectives and target audience.


Any questions related to your use cases and our solutions? Book a call with our sustainable business specialist, Kim.

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