5 ways to use LCA to make your business more sustainable

An environmental footprint shows the environmental impact of your product(s). But what can you do with this information? Here are 5 ways in which different departments in your company can leverage environmental footprints to be more innovative, profitable, and sustainable.

Carbon Offsetting: The Do’s & Dont’s to ensure your Carbon Offset is Credible

There are many paths companies can take to reach carbon neutrality. One of them is carbon offsetting. Balancing out your own carbon footprint by investing in emission reduction projects aiming to capture or avoid carbon emissions. But are all these projects equally effective? What are the do’s and dont’s if I want to invest in carbon offsetting?

Measuring Carbon Footprints – Scope 2 emissions explained

According to the 2015 Paris Agreement we have to halve our carbon emissions by 2030. So- where do you start? When measuring your carbon footprint, you categorize your emissions into three scopes: scope 1, 2, and 3. We previously discussed scope 1 emissions in our first blog about measuring your carbon footprint. Today it’s time for scope 2 emissions. What are they and how can I report them?

Measuring Carbon Footprints – Scope 1 Emissions explained.

According to the 2015 Paris Agreement we have to halve our carbon emissions by 2030. But, where do you start? You start with categorizing your emissions into scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. In this first (out of three) article on these scopes, we will dive into scope 1 emissions specifically.

Science-Based Targets – What they are, Why they work & How to get going


A low-carbon economy, that sure sounds great. But how can you help achieve such an ambitious goal as an organization? Reducing your carbon emissions isn’t an easy job- so how can you tell that you’re on track and actually doing something that is helping our climate recover in the long run? You listen to science.

How to measure the environmental impact of education: The case of the UvA & HvA

case study: UvA + HvA

Usually, you hear about organizations measuring the environmental impact of their products or value chains. But can you also measure the impact of providing education? Of course you can! And the University of Amsterdam & the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences wanted to find out exactly where their impact came from.