4 Arguments Against Climate Action – And How To Counter them!

Ever heard someone in your company say ‘Yes, climate change is a big problem, but it’s not up to us to fix it, others produce more emissions than us.’  Or how about ‘Technology will happen eventually and fix our problems. So we can carry on as usual!' Yes? Then stay tuned!
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We know these responses to sustainable action- and they are understandable. Because it’s not an easy peasy lemon squeezy kind of responsibility we’re talking about here.

Yet- in saving our planet, these responses only cause delays in sustainable action. So, it’s crucial we understand them & know how to provide hope. We give you the 4 most heard arguments that get in the way of climate action, and how to turn them around.

Our marketing specialist Zazala Quist gets into the details and of course the counter arguments of each concern.

In the episode:

What are the 4 main arguments that cause climate delay; Where do they come from;  And how to tackle them.Keep update with Zazala via her LinkedIn.

And connect with our host Hanni Larma on LinkedIn as well!

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