The impact of our daily fashion choices – How to design for durability.

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact sitting in your closet? Yes, clothing can still have an impact even when it leaves the factory or shop shelves. This is called the ‘use phase’ of a product. Something our guest Olof Hoverfält is very familiar with.
What environmental impact does my clothing have?

Olof conducted an extensive study where he documented EVERY single piece of clothing he wore every day (for 3 years!!) – And monitored the amount he used each piece. This taught him a thing or two about the value and environmental impact of the clothing we use. 
At Ecochain we see it all the time with our clients. The use phase in Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) can be a major contributor to a product’s environmental footprint. Making it a crucial phase to take into account for sustainable improvements. Just like Olof found.

In the episode:

  • Findings from Olof’s study – why clothing products’ use phase can make all the difference;
  • Concrete examples of how to pivot to designing for durability;
  • And how to invest in value creation in your products rather than gross profit.

Find out more about Olof’s study from this article!

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Photo by: Russell Elloway

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