How to use Ecodesign to Stay Relevant in a Changing Market.

Product design has a HUGE impact on the environment, and here’s why. We are constantly using an array of different products. Some last us years and years. Some get thrown away within a few months. Some are repairable. Some are only used once. You get the picture. All of these design choices have pretty direct impact on the environment around us. And legislation is catching up to this reality.

The EU has recently announced several proposals for Ecodesign requirements. But waiting for legislation to kick-in, might just mean you will fall behind.

Michiel Cornelissen from our partner Kode21 is the person to talk to about just how we can use product design to make a positive impact on the planet. With his passion for making products a vessel for the company to make a meaningful impact on the environment, he has a lot to say on this topic.

In the episode:

  • A step by step guide to sustainable product design;
  • How ecodesign will keep you relevant in the future;
  • And how product design can have the biggest impact on the environment.

Find Michiel Cornelissen, via his LinkedIn. And take a closer look at Kode21 and their inspirational design studio on their website.

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