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How to lower energy bill and environmental impact at once.

Energy Crisis: How to lower your company’s energy bill & environmental impact

With energy prices rising exponentially in Europe at the moment, companies are paying attention. Paying attention to what their energy usage will ultimately cost them. Luckily there are company’s who can help them in this journey to energy efficiency – such as our guest and Ecochain’s partner Sensorfact. The silver lining? Energy efficiency will also lower your company’s environmental footprint.

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Life Cycle Assessment guide. How to improve your products sustainably using LCA.

What on Earth is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)?

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the scientific method for measuring the environmental footprint of your products. It’s often perceived as something ‘too complex’ & ‘academic’. Let’s make LCA accessible to businesses. Today we are breaking it down for you.  

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Which data do you need in an LCA?

The two types of data in LCA – A Short Introduction.

To make an LCA you first need DATA on your product(s). But what kind of data, often comes up in the conversation. In this podcast episode we will go through the two main types of data – primary and secondary data. And what’s the difference between them in LCA?

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Ecochain Data Collection webinar. Learn the tips and tricks on how to collect environmental data from our environmental specialist.

#GotData Webinar 1: Data Collection for Environmental Footprinting

Ecochain Webinar series #GotData. This is the first webinar in our new monthly webinar series #GotData. Every month we will discuss another topic in environmental footprinting with our own Environmental Specialists and inspiring guests. From practical topics on footprinting (data collection, how to model products, analyzing footprint results, etc.) to real-life examples & insights from companies embracing their sustainability journey. We got you covered – Stay tuned!

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Ecochain Podcast Thumbnail Blog & Youtube (17) - Skullcandy

How audio lifestyle brand Skullcandy battles the E-Waste crisis.

We’re accustomed to getting ‘new’ and ‘improved’ electronic products at a fast pace. Companies are racing to create the next best thing, so they don’t lose out on business. Is it time we re-evaluate the definition of ‘new’ and ‘improved’? Jessica Klodnicki, Chief Marketing Officer at Skullcandy definitely thinks so. One of the biggest problems? Batteries.

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Ecochain Podcast Thumbnail Blog & Youtube (12) - TexTracer

How Supply Chain Data Helps Make the Complex Fashion Industry Less Complex

By now it’s pretty obvious – but the fashion and textile industries are one of the BIGGEST polluters of all. We need transparency and sustainable product improvements to happen and fast. Whether it’s to answer consumer demand or keep up with new legislation (Such as the EU Textile Directive), fashion is in a state of transformation. But change is not always easy. Supply chain data collection, particularly in the fashion & textile industry, can be a bit of a pain.

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How to use Ecodesign to Stay Relevant in a Changing Market.

Product design has a HUGE impact on the environment, and here’s why. We are constantly using an array of different products. Some last us years and years. Some get thrown away within a few months. Some are repairable. Some are only used once. You get the picture. All of these design choices have pretty direct impact on the environment around us. And legislation is catching up to this reality.

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How To Sustainably Innovate Products – And Make It Profitable.

Our daily lives revolve around the use of different products. We wake up to an alarm clock, we get dressed in our clothing, we rush to get breakfast from the fridge. But how are all of these products designed? AND more importantly how can they be innovated to fit the modern need for sustainability – while also being profitable for the company?

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Ecochain Podcast Thumbnail Blog & Youtube (6) - SDG Monitor

How To Tackle SDG’s and Create A Killer Sustainability Report: Practical Examples

A governmental agreement – but one that COMPANIES will have to fulfil. A collective set of goals that will benefit each and everyone of us. We are talking about the UN Sustainable Developments Goal’s (SDG’s) of course. A topic our guest Tuuli-Anna Tiuttu is very familiar with and will explain how you can apply them in your sustainability strategy. And she will also help you to effectively communicate this progress to your stakeholders. And not the boring way!

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Ecochain Podcast Thumbnail Blog & Youtube (4) - ClimateSeed

How To Do Carbon Offsetting Right – It Might Surprise You.

Carbon offsetting at times gets a bad reputation. And for good reason. But – If done correctly it can be a very beneficial aspect of your sustainability strategy! That being said, there are a few crucial steps to take even before endeavouring into a carbon reduction project. 

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