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Our partners​

Accelerating the circular economy together.


Impact on all fronts, financial and environmental. ABN AMRO and Ecochain formed a strategic alliance in 2019 and are now working on their Impact Based Banking mission.

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As an implementation partner Greenfish offers a unique opportunity for any company with the ambition to reduce its global footprint and to identify the highest ROI on sustainable investments on all life-cycle stages.



4Sustainability is the first Italian network structured to support brands and companies in the textile & Fashion supply chain on a path towards sustainability. From chemical management to monitoring and reporting activities.

Bilfinger Tebodin

Bilfinger Tebodin

Bilfinger Tebodin has a mission to support the industry with their energy transition challenges. Together with Ecochain they offer industrial companies our hotspot-analyses. 

Blue Engineering logo

Blue Engineering

As an implementation partner Blue Engineering uses its expertise to offer their clients innovative and sustainable improvements and solutions. As they say it "Innovation should be inherently sustainable".

Forty Industries

Forty Industries

As a provider focused on sustainable practices, Forty Industries has the expertise to cost-effectively reduce the ecological footprint of thei projects around the world.

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Benefits of Nature

BON commits itself to a sustainable horticultural sector, with a focus on the floriculture. Together with producers and consumers they are working on a healthy sector with perspective.



As an implementation partner EcoReview will configure and implement our platform for many leading companies.



GeSi facilitates real world solutions to real world issues within the ICT industry and the greater sustainability community. They contribute to a sustainable future, communicate the corporate responsibility efforts and drive the sustainability agenda.

Greenhouse marketeers

Greenhouse Marketeers

Greenhouse Marketeers is focused on sustainability in the agricultural sector. They work in three steps: measure, improve and promote it. As an implementation partner they use Ecochain for their expertise in the agri-sector to implement Ecochain for their clients.



By connecting, engineering and monitoring building materials flows Mandel is able to map and create the identity of a building.



This sustainable tourism consultancy firm helps companies to capture economic opportunities through sustainable tourism development.



Sustainalize helps companies find the right answers to today’s many sustainability challenges. We believe that tomorrow’s successful companies focus on shared value creation today: value that extends beyond immediate financial returns for shareholders and employees, and benefits our society and planet too. We help companies understand their impact, develop the right strategy, manage for results on the basis of reliable information, and inform their stakeholders about progress and achievements.



REMO - The Recycle Movement motivates people towards sustainable textile choices and production. The offer calculation, credibility and communication.



Food2Future supports food & agri SMEs in strategically embedding sustainability into their core business. By making these strategic choices actionable, Food2Future helps her clients to bring a sustainable food system one step closer every day.