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How to design - with the environment in mind.

Ecochain Beginners guide product design with environment in mind

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Learn to create products - fit to fight climate change. In this guide we share tips from product designers. And the 3 steps to creating environmentally sustainable products - guided by environmental data.


Zazala Quist

Zazala Quist

Zazala is content manager at Ecochain. Together with Ecochain's Environmental Specialists, she works on creating high-value content pieces to make data-driven sustainability easier.

To make your products (more) sustainable, you NEED data on their environmental impact. Environmental data allows you to focus your impact reduction efforts, and make credible claims - backed by data. The scientific method Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) gives you the full environmental picture of your products.

Easily implement sustainable design. With Mobius.

Mobius is our easy product footprint tool -
made for product designers.

Easy to use

No need for an LCA degree. Measure and improve your product's footprint in a heartbeat - with our intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Science-based results

Gain accurate LCA based environmental insights on every product, process, material, or ingredient. Mobius supports all common methods & standards.

Instant insights

Cloud-based LCA software providing instant insights. Immediately gain detailed insights into the environmental footprint of your product.