Sustainability in research & product development

Develop greener products, easier

Our Environmental Intelligence Platform helps product development teams to comply with regulations and find the best materials for new product developments.

Research & Development

Comply with ease

Have all the information you need to comply with environmental regulations at your fingertips

Transparency Green

Find better materials

Compare the footprints of different products and product lines and make better decisions.

Knowledge Gap

Close the knowledge gap

Internalize environmental data and empower everyone in your company to drive sustainability.

The knowledge gap

Today, environmental data is a core competency of your business.

Customers, investors, governments and many other parties are constantly demanding information.

When it comes to creating this knowledge, companies tend to use external consultants. They create expensive, static reports – and leave.

Environmental Information
Knowledge Gap

But the knowledge gap puts your company at risk.

And it's growing

This creates a knowledge gap: Instead of constant access to environmental data for everyone who needs it, static reports provide information once. To set your business up for the future, everyone in your company needs constant access to environmental data.

More than 60% of customers buy more sustainable products

Your customers demand transparency

If you don’t have transparency into your environmental data, how could your customers?

Ecochain helps your marketing team to analyze how sustainable your products really are. With Ecostories, they can create branded landing pages, directly connected to our Environmental Intelligence Platform.