CSRD is coming in 2023: Here's everything you need to know

If your business has more than 40 million € in turnover, or more than 250 employees, you will have to comply with the new CSRD- starting 2023. That means you have to start measuring your impact now!

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The CSRD emphasises the use of ‘real world’ sustainability targets. It wants companies to disclose how their sustainability/business strategies align with limiting global warming to 1.5C and how they contribute to the EU’s own climate goals.

How we can help you get ready for CSRD

We have helped 250+ companies to get a grip on their environmental data – the foundation to comply with the new CSRD.

To comply with the new regulation, you don’t want to rely on Excel-sheets and PDF reports – you need a dynamic dashboard that shows the emissions of your entire company. That’s exactly what we deliver.

Our Environmental Intelligence Platform enables you to measure the impact of your Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions.

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